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Above and Beyond | Celebrants come to the rescue for a Fairy Queen!

The wonderful ladies from The Cornish Celebrants received a phone call from a distressed bride, who was planning a June wedding. The couple had misunderstood the rules and regulations about giving a notice of marriage, and despite having paid a deposit to secure the date for their wedding, the Registration Service had canceled the date, as the couple had not given their notice of marriage in time!

The venue was booked, the theme was all planned, the wedding caterers were booked and all the guests invited! It was less than two weeks before the wedding, was there anything Denise and Nicola from The Cornish Celebrants could do?

Denise and Nicola suggested that the couple go all out with their pirates and fairies theme and change the ceremony to a Pirate King and Fairy Queen Wedding betrothal, so even if the marriage was not yet legal, they were still declaring their love and making promises to each other.

The bride loved the ceremony “It was so special as it was so personal and we really loved the Pirate King and Fairy Queen Wedding betrothal, our guests even joined in!”

Denise and Nicola included quotes from A Midsummer Nights Dream, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Peter Pan, the guests were encouraged to respond with a piratical “ARRRR” when asked if they would support the couple in their marriage. Everyone loved it!

The day was a huge success and the couple got legally married a few weeks later!

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