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Above and Beyond | The Groom arranges a beautifully sentimental surprise

Josh knew exactly what to do for his bride to make her day truly special…

Jen lost her dad when she had just turned 18, and whenever she is particularly missing him or has been very upset a red admiral butterfly randomly appears in the house in whatever room she is in, it hovers around her until she notices and sets it free.

Groom Josh never got to meet Jen’s dad but knew how important it was to have him as part of their day. Josh had arranged for Jen’s dad’s favourite song (You’ll Never Walk Alone) to start playing as she walked down to the arbour at Trevenna, where there was a bottle of champagne waiting for the couple, Josh said a few personal words in honour of her dad and then he set free 50 red admiral butterflies!

“It was extremely emotional and special beyond words.”

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