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Special Day Wedding Photos

Capturing the day as it unfolds a documentary wedding photographer, telling the story of the day, whilst capturing the beautiful emotional moments

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Special Day Wedding Photos

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Anthony Lyons, Special Day Wedding Photos.

Anthony fell into wedding photography by helping out at a wedding and absolutely loved it! Anthony’s main focus is to capture the day as it unfolds from the point of view of a spectator a documentary wedding photographer best describes his style, he likes to tell the story of the day, capturing the beautiful emotional moments although there will always be room for some traditional shots if necessary.

Anthony will capture the interactions between couples, their family, and friends. Attracted to laughter and gravitate towards those situations where something fun is about to happen. Equally, he enjoys capturing the beautiful emotional moments during speeches or when then the father sees his daughter for the first time, Anthony will throw himself into the whole experience.

Able to blend in and document the day so the couple can look back and experience the atmosphere of the day through their images.

As for locations, Anthony loves a barn wedding, the woods, and a beautiful marquee on a farm! He will be in his element capturing memories of the couple and their friends and family enjoying their special day.

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