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Pinterest. Lets get real ladies…

Lizi of Wheal Sara Flowers talks about the pro’s and con’s of Pinterest when wedding planning

It’s all so exciting and you just want to PIN, PIN, PIN!

So you have your date set, the venue’s booked and now your dreaming and scouring Pinterest for ideas. You will spend hours upon hours looking through hundreds of photos to find that perfect wedding bouquet or perhaps the lavish table centrepiece you have always dreamt of and then you discover archways! 

It’s all so exciting and you just want to PIN, PIN, PIN! Totally absorbed by the process you soon find yourself in total confusion and can’t see the wood for the trees, you’ve completely lost track of your wedding theme you wanted and the look you were trying to create!

This is when your professional florist and wedding venue stylist come into play, they know their stuff. They know what works best within the space you’re trying to fill and will be totally clued up on season availability and colour schemes and also if the designs you have looked at and fallen in love with are even actually ‘Doable’.

Is it ‘Doable’?

Pinterest is your best friend and your worst enemy

The ideas you can find and compile into a mood board are wonderful and stretch the imagination but actually, many are not always achievable, within budget or for the season in which your wedding is taking place. 

Created ‘just for the camera’

Some flower displays and bouquets on Pinterest have been created ‘just for the camera’ so technically and structurally cannot be recreated. Whilst it’s always of utmost importance to create exactly what you want for your special day, we just need to be a little more open-minded upon ordering our bouquets and displays and be guided to the best option available.

Top tip

If you are planning a wedding in Cornwall eeek! is essential. Say goodbye to those ideas you cannot make work and hello to eeek! See a bouquet or floral display you like? Click the image and it will link you to the supplier. Connecting you with local suppliers like us here at Wheal Sara Flowers. Making your dream wedding a reality. So simple, so helpful.

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