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Wedding Cakes

From beautiful hand painted cakes, metallic designs and so much more you are sure to find the perfect cake for your day.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes, the tradition comes from as far back as Ancient Rome

During those times bread was broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune to the couple, the tiered wedding cake comes from Medieval England. Cakes were stacked as high as possible for the bride and groom to kiss over. A successful kiss meant they were guaranteed a prosperous life together.

wedding cakes, Cornwall

The wedding cake Symbolising the happy couple’s day

From grand, multi-tiered creations to delicate, simple bites, a wedding cake is essential for most, and the South West offers happy couples a delicious range of experienced bakers to sample and use for their big day. Find your perfect wedding cake design here on eeek!

What’s popular for 2023?

The naked wedding cake was huge in 2018, 2019 brought us the semi-naked wedding cake and the trend for 2021? Smaller cakes but all dressed up and looking larger than life!

Go floral, edible flowers on the cake are going to be huge. Go bold with a metallic design perfect for couples that favour tradition but also want to add a little more. One thing is for sure so many of you have been waiting to celebrate your big day so why not celebrate in a big way with a cake that makes a big statement.

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