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Beacon Crag Helen and Scott

By pure chance, Helen and Scott drove past Beacon Crag while visiting Porthleven and fell in love with the views and the idea of eloping - just the two of them. Within days they had booked a date.

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Beacon Crag Helen and Scott


After having two weddings cancelled last year due to Covid, Helen and Scott decided to still have a holiday on what should have been their honeymoon. By pure chance, they drove past Beacon Crag while visiting Porthleven and fell in love with the views and the idea of eloping - just the two of them. While having a drink in a pub, The Ship Inn in Porthleven, they checked Beacon Crag on Instagram and were utterly blown away with the pictures and the options the venue provided.

"There and then we contacted Sam to find out more. Sam was amazing, full of knowledge about local suppliers and very flexible with options for the day, and within days we had booked a date."


Sam recommended two local photographers, and after careful thought, Helen and Scott decided to go with featured photographer Enchanted Brides. As soon as they saw their work, they completely fell in love and knew Enchanted Brides were the wedding photographers for them.

"We'd never seen wedding photos so beautiful and unique. We liked the idea of having natural pictures of the day instead of your usual poses. There were no limits to the choices of surroundings! We loved the vibe and energy the photos seemed to have."

Ione Makeup & Hair

Wedding hair and makeup artist Sjani of Ione Makeup & Hair was also chosen from the supplier information Sam had provided. Helen had sent her a picture before the day, and when the day arrived, she made Helen feel like a true princess.

"Sjani was brilliant and a pure pro at what she does. She knew exactly what she was doing and even helped me into my dress before she left to make sure my hair and veil was perfect."


Both wanted their day to be chilled, romantic and intimate, just the two of them. After the difficulty of having two wedding dates cancelled, they both came to realise what was really important to them. And that was about starting a new family, expressing their love to one another and starting a new chapter in their life.

"We just couldn't wait to be married."

The Wedding Feast!

Beacon Crag sent a menu for Helen and Scott to choose from, and they decided on chicken satay skewers to start, steak for main and a cheese board for dessert.

"A fantastic menu to choose from, and the food was mouth-watering, just beautiful we couldn't have asked for any more."

They were also able to take their own drinks for their meal which meant they had their favourite bottle of Malbec and a bottle of Moet.


Sam placed a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the dining room that matched Helen and Scott's colour theme, music played in the background, and they looked out onto a fantastic sea view as they ate their wedding breakfast.

"It was pure bliss!"


Helen found her perfect dress at David's Bridal, Birmingham An Oleg Cassini, a ballgown with lots of detail. She brought this particular dress when she thought she was having a church wedding.

"I didn't want to give it up even though we had decided to elope. I loved it so so much, I would wear it every day if I could."

The Groom

Scott wore a grey and brown checked Next three-piece suit and burnt orange bow tie.


Helen couldn't resist getting a personalised leather jacket from The Brodie Bride and personalised Converse trainers by Sparkle Mixx Boutique.

Helen's favourite part of the day

'I literally don't think I have one - I loved every second. Waking up with Scott and having breakfast in bed, getting pampered by Sjani all morning. The beautiful intimate ceremony, celebration drinks, photos on the rocks, more celebration drinks, an amazing three-course meal with the new hubby, and more giggles and photos in the wild! A day I will never forget!'

Scott's favourite part of the day

"The evening photoshoot topped it for me; Jo and Patrick took us to an amazingly beautiful beach along the coastal path for our sunset pictures. It totally summed Helen and me up, wondering over rocks and up hills in our wedding attire, laughing and joking. From travelling in style in the back of their camper van to having a tipple with the new Mrs Withers on the top of a cliff- pure magic!'

Top tips and advice for other couples?

"Enjoy every second, embrace everything, trust the professionals and try not to be too structured on the day.

We had never been to the venue before the day or met our photographers; it all added to the excitement. We knew we would have an amazing day. Becoming husband and wife was so important.

Make sure you give yourself some time in the day to take it all in; we sat in the sun watching the waves crash into the rocks before we had our meal."

Leather Jacket: The Brodie Bride
Personalised Converse: Sparkle Mixx Boutique

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