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Boho Cornwall Michael and Kanako

"The venue, Boho Cornwall, was absolutely stunning! Tom and Maya took away all of the headaches and stress and really made us feel looked after."

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Boho Cornwall Michael and Kanako

After discussing plans together, Michael and Kanako (Kana) decided that they wanted to get married by the coast.

Kana grew up in a rural coastal setting in Japan, the coast feels homely, so Michael recommended that they check out Cornwall, a beautiful part of the country with an outstanding coastline.

"We found Boho by searching on Google. We looked at many reviews and social channels and decided to add it to our shortlist! Then after talking to Tom and Maya, we knew it'd be the perfect place. They were both so lovely and accommodating.

Originally they had planned to get married in April but had to postpone to July due to COVID Tom and Maya were on hand to help them through the process of re-organising a date and also took care of all the stressful arrangements.

"The venue, Boho Cornwall, was absolutely stunning! Tom and Maya took away all of the headaches and stress and really made us feel looked after."

Thomas Frost Photography

Michael is into his photography and knows just how important picking the right photographer for the day is. Once they had settled on the location, they started looking at many wedding photographers in Cornwall and found a few very talented photographers.

"We actually had a hard time picking between Tom and another photographer, but ultimately landed on Tom because of his flexibility and understanding of the local area. His website spoke for itself when looking at his past work. We were very happy with him shooting our day.

Tom did an amazing job and was super friendly. He was very natural in the way he moved us to get that perfect shot. We love all the photos he took before and during the ceremony, and after when we went for some photos on the coast. Everyone looks so natural in the photos."

Shelly of Shelley’s Hair & Beauty helped the bride and the groom!

Unable to do the make-up for Kana because of the COVID-19 restriction, Shelly instead did a fantastic job with their hair.

"She actually saved my husband because he could not book an appointment at the hairdresser before the wedding, because of the congestion after the lockdown."

The theme

Intimate and personal, something special for Kana. Originally they had planned for the wedding to be an elopement, just the two of them but later decided to ask some of Michaels close family to attend.

"We wanted a very intimate setting, something personal to both Kana and I. Since Kana's family wouldn't be attending, I wanted her to feel extra comfortable with everything, from the cake to the photographer, to the venue and the place we would be eating at afterwards.

It ended up being a very intimate wedding, something we both wanted, and it worked out amazingly."

The Cake by Oona's Cakes

Their wedding cake by Oona was gluten and dairy-free.

"Oona's cake was so delicious! We asked her to bake our cake to be gluten and dairy-free, but it did not change at all how delicious her cake was. We decided to save some of the cake for the next morning to enjoy it more."

Lou-Lou Belles Florist

Louise delivered the gorgeous bridal bouquet and boutonnière (buttonhole).

"The warm colours were our favourite, and our bouquet and boutonnière helped our wedding look brighter."

The Wedding Feast

Being by the coast, they wanted fresh fish on the menu!

"Unfortunately, due to the government restrictions, many restaurants couldn't cater us, but we did eventually find a lovely European restaurant in Penzance, The Alverne.

The dress

Covid restrictions meant that Kana could not go wedding dress shopping. Instead, she contacted the boutique she had made an appointment with, and they kindly offered to deliver a few dresses for her to try them on at home.

"I always wanted to wear a ball gown wedding dress since I was a kid, and when I tried that gorgeous dress, I loved everything about it and decided to wear it on my special day."

The Groom

Michael wore his favourite Italian tailored suit on their special day.

"I love that suit too he looks so smart and sophisticated in it!"


Something borrowed, something blue.

A friend of Michaels grandmother lent Kana a pair of earrings and necklace as "something borrowed" and her now father-in-law gave her his late partner's blue scarf as "something blue".

Favourite part of the day

"Due to the restrictions still in place after lockdown ended, we had to get creative. As the location was big enough for a small elopement, we really just concentrated on having a relaxing and intimate time, and Tom and Maya did a great job in making the day feel intimate. Tom did a great job ensuring all the music we picked could play and the registrar's from Cornwall council did a great job at informing us about the covid procedures we had to adhere to for the ceremony to go ahead. All in all, we were just incredibly happy the entire day went ahead as smoothly as we'd hoped.

Top tips and advice

"I would recommend and encourage having a very heartfelt conversation about what each person wants from their wedding day and try to strike a balance that meets both expectations. I think because of our special COVID circumstances, we had to think creatively and try not to get bogged down with the things we could not control.

As we said previously, I think we were incredibly glad we could have the opportunity to marry when we did and will treasure the experience all the more. And it wouldn't have gone as smoothly or been the same without all the help from our beloved suppliers and the helpful people from Cornwall council and Boho for making it all come together."

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