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Carbis Bay Beach Club Leanne and Stuart

Leanne and Stuart discovered that their fave view in the whole world could host their special day. A beach vista that is breathtakingly beautiful!

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Carbis Bay Beach Club Leanne and Stuart

A Carbis Bay Connection

Leanne and Stuart holiday in Carbis Bay every year and there’s a long-standing relationship, love and family connection to the area. It’s the place where Stuart’s family scattered their Cornish grand-parents ashes and the same view where Stuart proposed so it holds a special place in their hearts.

Being quite a hippy at heart Leanne always dreamt of a beach wedding or a forest wedding. It had to be a location with a view and that’s exactly what Carbis Bay has in abundance! Then they found out that The Beach Club hosts weddings, and that was just perfect.

their fave view in the whole world

"Our fave view in the whole world could host our special day. I mean that beach vista is breathtakingly beautiful!"

The flowers and decorations were created by the bride. Leanne spent many afternoons and weekends crafting! The buttonholes were from Wheal Sara Flowers

"We had ordered a bunch of flowers from Wheal Sara the year before and they were beautiful and local so handy for the buttonholes."

Philps pasties for the evening snack because they LOVE them!
"These are our absolute staple of delightful food when we arrive in Cornwall, so this was a MUST!"

The dress

"I really didn’t know what I wanted, I imagined something feminine, slightly different and I just had to show off my bottom and small waist! I tried on a couple at the NEC wedding show but they were far too extravagant for a beach wedding, my sister found one on a sale rack, I didn’t particularly like it on the hanger but I tried it, and it fitted my body shape perfectly.

I loved the off the shoulder detail and the pretty droplets of flowers dripping off the dress really made it quite special. My sister instantly looked impressed, she said that was me, that was my personality in a dress! I had fallen in love. It was massively too big and too long, but it was a half-price Ian Stewart style Malawi and I wasn’t going to missing out on it. Plus Leanne knew the best seamstress there was in Tamworth who could work her magic, and she did!!!"

Fave part of the wedding

"Walking down the beach hand in hand with my new husband, sun shining, the beautiful blue sea against the bright green backdrop of the cliff side, the flower girls, and page boy were playing in the sea, my family were laughing, bridesmaids kicking the sand, just utter happiness with all our favourite people, there for us. That was a special memorable moment. Such joy, such love."

Top tip for brides

"Start early! I handmade a lot of my decorations and little touches but wished I had completed them earlier as I was rushed as it got closer. And make a list, especially a count down list, 3 months before, it really focuses your attention and feels great when it’s ticked off!"

Top tip for grooms

"Leave it all to the wife to be but be sure to put it in the speech that said wife did a fantastic job of pulling it all together and be sure to offer help, just in case they need it. Even if it’s just one job. Like the music."

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