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Chloe and Cadan’s Intimate Day

At the end of June, with two months to go until their original date, Chloe and Cadan decided to still get married on their original date and have their reception next year. And that was that!

Chloe and Cadan’s Intimate Day

Chloe and Cadan's 2020 lockdown wedding story

Chloe and Cadan's original plans were to get married at St Michael's in Helston, followed by a marquee reception in a private field with an amazing view across Falmouth. Early on, even before COVID Chloe and Cadan had to move their Church ceremony from St Michaels to Wendron Church due to renovations at St Michael's. Then lockdown happened! To start with they were fairly relaxed, family and friends were saying “oh you’ll be fine, it will all be over come the end of August”. As the months passed they both became unsure of what to do.

"I was in a Facebook group called “Plan to Postpone” and felt like everyone around me were postponing their weddings"

A backup date was set for April 2021 with their suppliers, unfortunately, this date wasn’t doable for all their suppliers, their original hair and makeup artists couldn't accommodate the new date and their photographer was booked too!

"This didn’t help us with the decision of postponing, knowing not all our suppliers were available and with the idea of having to find alternatives but we had to compromise and for us our main priorities were with our caterers and marquee supplier"

Aussie Marquees

Their marquee will be from Aussie Marquees Chloe knows Craig through work (she works for a metal laser cutting company called LaserMaster and often make brackets and posts for them)

"Craig was great, we met up and I had made a bit of a mood board for what I envisaged, he knew exactly the sort of thing we were after."

The wedding feast Kerra's Catering

Originally the couple were planning on a hog roast and chose Kerra's Catering...then they saw the BBQ Menu!

"After seeing their BBQ menu it was hard to resist! Back in Jan (feels like a lifetime ago!) we had a tasting session with Kerra to help us narrow down some of our food choices, from what we tried it was amazing so definitely can't wait to try our full menu!"

two months to go!

At the end of June, with two months to go until their original date Chloe and Cadan were still so unsure of what to do! A decision had to be made so one Saturday morning they had a chat and just decided to still get married on their original date and have their reception next year. And that was that!

The new plan - Marry now party later!

The ceremony at Wendron Church, followed by pasties on the beach! Cadan is a volunteer at Falmouth Lifeboat Station and they now plan on having a blessing next year on the Lifeboat followed by their reception.

"The hardest part for us was choosing who we would invite to the ceremony...

We were hoping restrictions would be lifted to allow more people come the end of August however this didn’t happen. In the end we decided on just having our parents, grandparents, siblings and our closest friends most of whom were either my bridesmaids or our groomsmen!"

An intimate ceremony at Wendron Church Everything happens for a reason right?

Having their ceremony moved to Wendron actually worked in their favour, with a small ceremony of only 30 people it felt more intimate at Wendron Church.

"St Michaels is quite a big in comparison and would have looked a bit empty with just 30 people. Everything happens for a reason right?"

Mark Shaw Photography

Their photographer arranged with then two half days, one half to cover their ceremony and official wedding photos, and the other half next year he has arranged with another photographer to take the photos for their blessing and reception.

"Even though our photographer is unable to do the date for our reception he has arranged with another photographer to take the photos which he will still edit."

The dress! Chloe found her dress at The Bridal Studio in Helston

And she loved that she was able to support a local business so close to home.

"My dress is called 'Poppy' and from one of their private collections. Tara was great, I think I went there about 3 or 4 times! Each time trying on various dresses but each time 'Poppy' was always one of my favourites. I finally narrowed it down to 2 dresses, I think my heart always knew which one I wanted. The other dress was more what I had pictured in my head but 'Poppy' was just beautiful and hard to say no to! What's even better I get to wear it twice as I am defiantly making the most of the situation and wearing it again for our reception!

The bridesmaid dresses

All from David's Bridal, Chloe really struggled to find dresses the right colour.

"I wanted blue, but not navy or pale blue. They have a huge selection of colours and styles. In the end, we went with 3 different styles that my bridesmaids choose/felt comfortable and happy in, all in the same colour."

The rings and Accessories!

Chloe's wedding ring was made by a local jeweller called Tegen Jewellery it was made to fit perfectly with her engagement ring which she also made!

Cadan also arranged for Tegen to make Chloe earrings and a bracelet, along with a bracelet each for the bridesmaids. Each piece had the same stone as Chloe's engagement ring, so on the day Chloe's engagement ring, wedding ring, earrings and bracelet all matched and all were made by Tegen! And to complete the look Chloe wore a necklace from Teans Silver Shed

Cadan's ring was made by Chloe's Uncle, Cober Valley Silver, keeping it local (and in the family!)

Finally, our day came and we honestly had the most perfect time surrounded by our closest friends and family. The day went so quickly, but all I can think about is that we get to do it all over again next year.

Even though now we are unsure on what restrictions are going to be in place come April 2021, we have said if we have to postpone our reception again we will, as what's important for us now is that we can have everyone there.

Makeup by Carly Angrove MAU
Flowers by Lou Lou Belles

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