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Knightor Winery Sophie and David

It had to be Cornwall, they both love living in Cornwall. “We wanted to show off where we live!" Knightor Winery offered everything they wanted.

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Knightor Winery Sophie and David

Most couples start their wedding planning with the venue…

“Ours actually didn’t. The first thing we (well, I…I didn’t give David much choice on the matter!) chose was our photographer”

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Verity Westcott Photography

“We booked Verity way before we found our venue. We didn’t want her to get booked up cause I fell in love with her style, the way she shoots and how relaxed her photos looked. I hate posed photos, and I wanted someone to capture my day as if they were invited and just happened to have a camera handy (but better quality!) and I think Verity did it perfectly!”

Searching for the venue

Verity Westcott booked…Sophie and David then started to look for their venue. It had to be Cornwall, they both love living in Cornwall. David’s family are from Germany, and Sophie’s are from Yorkshire.

“We wanted to show off where we live! We knew we wanted outside space, we basically wanted a fancy garden party, somewhere where everyone would feel relaxed.”

Knightor Winery was perfect!

Knightor Winery offered the outdoor space they wanted - somewhere they could have garden games, their egg and spoon race (which was apparently a bit of a shambles, but quite hilarious!)

“We fell in love with how relaxed they were and the fact that they were more than happy for my mum and dads dog to just mooch around the venue. They basically said, “it’s yours for the day, do what you want!”.

The vibe of the day

The vibe of the day was relaxed, Sophie and David wanted everyone to break the ice with each other so they decided upon mixing people up a bit around picnic basket wedding feast and it worked!

“It was so so lovely to see and watch, and take it all in from the head table!”

Scotch eggs!

“David is German, and his family had never had Scotch eggs before and they all thought they were amazing.

We ended up with fourteen baskets, full of food, for seventy-day guests…if someone had come to me with that idea at work, I would probably have said, “maybe try something a bit easier?”, but Knightor nailed it!”

Knightor really stood out for Sophie and David, they couldn’t have wished for a better day. Also Sophie would like to thank Ellie (aka The Updo Girl), and Sally from Orchard Make-up

“They made me and the rest of my bridal party so relaxed and obviously stunning too. But I felt like it was just a “night out with the girls” until I got to the door of the church that is…”

The Dress

“Where do I start? It took me months to find it, I looked at so many online, tried on so many, dreamt about so many, but none of them were perfect”

Sophie then booked an appointment at a Bridal Boutique in Truro.

“I was told me to pick out five, one of which needed to be a wild card…! Yep, you guessed it my dress was the wild card.

I loved the colour of it, it stood out in the middle of all the bright white dresses, my lovely, slightly blue dress. I tried it on and it made me feel like a princess. It was perfect, it matched my wedding shoes (cause yep, I bought the shoes before the dress…)

Naomi Neohs internal corsets are a dream

"And my god, the corset made me feel three sizes smaller than I actually am! If anyone doesn’t want a corset but wants to be pulled in, she’s an amazing designer, I can’t recommend it enough!”


“Except for my shoes, were all a last-minute decision! I got my stunning hand-made hairpins from Pretty Pins Bridal Accessories. She was recommended by Ellie aka The Updo Girl.”

Sophia Websters

“Every girl has one thing she wants for her wedding and my shoes were definitely that thing. I saved weekly from getting engaged and managed to buy them in time!”

favourite part of the day

”My favourite part of the day, well, that's a tough one, cause (cheese alert!) our day was literally the day I had dreamed of…I think it was probably spending it with so many friends and family from all over the world (including my mum and dads doggo)!

David said his favourite part of the day was the food (thanks again Knightor!), but we also had a moment during the day where we sat for twenty minutes, by ourselves, on a little kiddies bench watching all of our friends and family chat to each other, play with the garden games, fill in our kiddies activity booklet, and took the whole day in.

It was just so lovely to see our whole day came together the way we wanted it to, and to see everyone enjoy it as much as we did”

Top Tips

"Do not stress, what is going to happen will happen and even if things go wrong, you will still enjoy your day!

Ladies, try on that wild card dress! You may end up falling in love with it!

Surround yourself with the best suppliers and don’t be afraid to ask them for help!

Dog-friendly weddings are the best!

Take 20 minutes to yourself, but try and sit somewhere where you can see everyone enjoying themselves, its lovely to see the whole day come together as you wanted it to!"

Sophie fell in love with planning so much she started her own Wedding Planning business called The Little Details by Sophie

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