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Lusty Glaze Beach Weddings Alex and Scott

“When we found out that Lusty Glaze accommodates weddings, there was no other choice. Lusty Glaze just was and had to be…"

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Lusty Glaze Beach Weddings Alex and Scott

We fell in love with
Lusty Glaze

Alex and Scott always travel to Newquay once a year and on one trip they were introduced to Lusty Glaze by one of Alex’s close friends who treated them to an evening dinner

“We fell in love with the place.”

Every year the same date!

Ever since then Alex and Scott have been visiting Lusty Glaze every year on the same date, the 12th of July.

“We absolutely love the sea, beautiful scenery, sunsets and landmarks.”

So on the 12th of July 2017, Scott decided that Lusty Glaze beach was the perfect magical venue for a proposal. Then two years later the 12th of July 2019 Alex and Scott married at Lusty Glaze.

“When we found out that Lusty Glaze accommodates weddings, there was no other choice. Lusty Glaze just was and had to be…"

Discovering Matthew Lawrence Photography

After attending a wedding of a close friend they discovered Matthew Lawrence Photography.

“When our friends' wedding photos were finalised they took our breath away, they were so magical and perfect. From that day we knew it was going to be Matthew Lawrence Photography.”

A vintage travel theme

Wanting to share their travelling experiences and locations to everyone Alex and Scott had a theme that they called vintage travel.

Harriet Searle Hair

Alex found Harriet Searle Hair after a lot of research

“Harriet’s work was exactly what I was looking for, her work blew me away, super friendly and helpful whilst maintaining professionalism. Couldn’t have asked for a better hairstylist.”

The perfect wedding cake

"Our wedding cake definitely stood out, it was perfect. A semi-naked cake by Dolly Birds Bakes which was absolutely beautiful and super tasty, Hayley really did an amazing job and we couldn’t recommend her more."

Blossom and Kelp Wedding Flowers

Rachel from Blossom and Kelp fulfilled everything Alex wanted the light pinks, dusky purples and green foliage were perfect. Dusky purple roses were dotted around creating a beautiful display

“Rachel did an amazing job I specifically wanted peonies in my bouquet in memory of my Nan. I loved it, it really was a dream wedding. I could just see the hard work she had put into everything and her communication was brilliant.”

The dress

Alex chose a dress by Lilian West, bought from a small wedding shop in Cranleigh called Wedding Frox.

Alex had always wanted a lace fitted style with a lot of detail around her shoulders and back. She requested quite major alterations to the dress having part of the back cut out highlighting the stunning features and details. Finished with a long train the dress really complimented Alex’s figure.

“I chose a very lightweight dress which fitted the beach style perfectly. And once I tried on the dress I knew it was the one which was a very overwhelming experience.”


Alex wore London Paradox mid-heel Ivory for her wedding shoes and flat sandals for the beach. She wore dangly pearl earrings and a matching pearl necklace. The veil had a very subtle sparkle and in her hair, Alex chose beautiful lilac real roses with green foliage.

favourite part of the day
for Alex

“My favourite part of the day was having everybody there but most importantly seeing my now-husband standing waiting for me down the aisle.”

favourite part of the day
for Scott

“My favourite part for me was the anticipation in Alex’s eyes as our eyes met whilst she was walking down the aisle, struggling to hold myself together feeling overwhelmed with love and happiness. The moment we have waited so long for and worked so hard towards.”

Top tips and advice for other couples embarking on there wedding journey

“Relax, enjoy the moment, enjoy each other on the day as time flies by with every blink.

Take a step back to take everything in to remember the most valued moments.

Interact with all your family and friends because this experience on your special day will be like no other in your life.”

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