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Pentillie Castle Livvy and Stephen

Livvy and Stephen live a good four hours drive from Cornwall and didn’t think it would be possible to get married in Cornwall. Then they found Pentilie!

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Pentillie Castle Livvy and Stephen

It just had to be Pentillie

Livvy and Stephen live in Hampshire, a good four hours drive from Cornwall and didn’t think it would be possible to get married in Cornwall living so far away, then Livvy found Pentillie on Airbnb and fell head over heels in love with the venue.

After venturing around the Hampshire area to find a venue and not really being able to find what they wanted Livvy and Stephen soon realised it was because in the back of their minds was Pentillie

"So, we thought sod it, we have to go and see it to either eliminate it or not. We arranged for our mums to come along and we all made the journey. When we turned into the drive we instantly knew that this was the place we wanted to get married. So we did!"


Wanting to keep everything simple they chose spring florals and everything was handmade and cost effective!

Livvy found a calligrapher on Etsy and she wrote out all the place cards and a sign in a beautiful gold ink

"We were absolutely chuffed with them.

They were also incredibly lucky to have a professional illustrator in the bridal party, one of Livvy's bridesmaids, so she designed their save the dates and invites.

Both loving the idea of clear bottles with flowers in for table decorations they asked their family to collect jars and bottles for them over the year.

Keeping it homely

Pentillie has a very homely feel so they asked all their family to bring photos in frames of good times and memories which were placed around the house. Such a lovely touch to really make it feel like their own for the weekend.


Starting the planning a year in advance Livvys' first step was to get her dress and bridesmaid dresses.

"I was happy for the girls to pick out their own dresses, I gave them a brief and some money towards it but left them to it.

We did the same with the groomsman because it was such a small wedding we didn’t want it to feel like a traditional stiff wedding. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable."

everything fell into place

Once the dress and suits were agreed on everything else fell into place.

Making sure everything was as easy and simple as possible the couple didn’t want it to be a stressful experience for anyone. Taking each step as it come they made sure week after week that they got things achieved so that closer to the time they weren’t freaking out!

lahu wedding photography

"Lauren blew us away with her kindness. She felt like a friend the moment we met her. It makes such a difference being able to get on so well with someone that you spend a lot of time within the day.

We felt comfortable and relaxed around her. She captured every special moment and managed to capture the laughter which is the most important and truly special moments."

The Wedding Feast

"We loved the idea of our guests being able to choose what food they like and Pentillie allowed us to do that. Most places don’t!"

For their starter, they chose a charcuterie board for the main and dessert their guests could choose from three different options.

"We felt it added an extra bit of excitement in the build-up and on the day because no one can remember what they’ve ordered anyway but they knew it was going to be something they wanted"

There wasn't a table plan either, just place cards guests had to find their name at the table.

"Again it allowed an extra bit of excitement for our guests and took away the regimented table plan.

I had also communicated a plan with Lisa so the staff knew who was were to serve them there food and Lisa had very kindly writing little cards out so everyone knew what they were having. Very sweet of her"

Walking down the aisle

When walking down the aisle Livvy had an overwhelming amount of love!

"I didn’t look at Steve until I got to him and I just remember looking up to him. It was perfect"

The groom

"I had felt very excited, nervous and emotional all morning. As I heard that she had arrived I started to feel very overwhelmed. When I saw her for the first time I thought to myself how beautiful she looked.

She absolutely blew me away, I loved everything about her dress as it had been kept a top secret for ages! I grabbed her hand and held on tight as we were both incredibly emotional. I whispered to her “you look beautiful, like a princess”

favourite part of the day

"It’s truly hard to pick one point but, we both think the ceremony in the bathing hut. It was such an emotional, magical and breathtaking experience.

From everyone involved including the registrar, Lisa and every single person at Pentillie for making your day so special. Seeing all of your family and friends there to celebrate with you is an amazing feeling."

top tips

"Literally enjoy every second. Keep everything simple and don’t fuss over the small details because on the day it just does not matter. You're there with your family and friends and your brand new squeaky clean husband"

a massive thank you to everyone at Pentillie

"All of our family didn’t want to go home at the end because we just felt such happiness there. Lisa has been incredible. So warming and kind. Elle being on hand all day for anything we needed. The chef for cooking the BEST food ever, the waiting staff who worked hard making sure we had food and drink available at all times. Charfu and khan (the two black Labradors) for taking us on a walk Sunday. And all the housekeeping staff for making sure we were catered for.

We will definitely be back :))"

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