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St Ives Guildhall Lyndsey and Wayne

Their wedding planning in Cornwall came together quickly. The Guildhall in St Ives was booked for the ceremony, photographer, Porthminster Beach Cafe for their wedding feast, even a visit to Tate Galley!

St Ives Guildhall Lyndsey and Wayne

Lyndsey and Wayne's original plans were to have a quick registry office wedding just the two of them in London and have a big wedding in Marbella, Spain.

"Little did we know we were heading into an international pandemic and as our date got closer and closer, we realised our Spanish wedding was not going to happen, and we should put more effort into St Ives."

Their first holiday together was a few days at The Scarlet Hotel in Mawgan Porth, so Cornwall was an important place for them.

Whilst searching online Lyndsey found a holiday home in St Ives that she really wanted to stay in, it was expensive, so there had to be an excellent reason to book it. Two years later and they were planning their wedding. There really couldn't be a better reason to splash out!!

"That's when our St Ives wedding plans started. The first thing I booked was the accommodation, the beautiful, romantic one-bedroom apartment called 'Black Moon' from the website Sand and Stone Escapes."

Their wedding planning in Cornwall was coming together. The Guildhall in St Ives was booked for the ceremony, photographer, Porthminster Beach Cafe for their wedding feast, even a visit to Tate Galley!

Thomas Frost Photography

Wayne used to be a photojournalist and is very particular about photos and capturing moments, so it was his job to research their photographer. As soon as a found Thomas Frost, he knew immediately he was the guy.

"I contacted Tom praying he would be available and to my surprise he was, he had just had a wedding change their date to 2021, so our special date was available."

Together with Tom, they arranged their day, there was no particular vibe, both just wanted a very special day for the two of them, a day that was relaxed, fun and happy. Tom planned everything, the walk to the venue, around the streets of St Ives, on the cliffs by St Nicolas Chapel and then onto Porthminster Beach in time for their wedding breakfast at Portminster Beach Cafe.

"Tom was exceptional from beginning to end, he made us feel so comfortable and relaxed that we have the most beautiful photos to remember such a special day. He had some great ideas of where to take photos, he is a true professional at his job. We were elated with the end result and have such great photos. And on top of that, he agreed to be one of our witnesses. "

The Wedding Feast

Their wedding feast at Portminster Beach Cafe was off the menu, they ate goats cheese, king prawns, lobster and lamb washed down with pink champagne and strawberries!

The Dress

Lyndsey had already bought a dress way before they spoke about getting married. It was a gold and silver shimmer long dress, from Fab Frocks she fell in love with it. Perfect for Marbella but not quite St Ives! So she bought another dress, this time not so bling.

"Two weeks before our day, I changed my mind, and it had to be the shimmer dress! Thank goodness as it was always the dress I wanted to get married in."

Wayne wore a tuxedo, white shirt and tie and had a beautiful waistcoat made especially for the day, complete with a Rolex pocket watch, a birthday present from Lyndsey the year before, his shoes were Crocket and Jones.

"I had shoes made as did Wayne, I also bought some Carvela bling trainers as we would be walking a lot. I borrowed a ring from my sister and had one of my Mum's cotton handkerchief's tucked in my bra. My shoes had a blue Crystal on the instep of each shoe.

All of our suppliers used were excellent, we had not long come out of lockdown so everyone just wanted to help and make our day so so special and they accomplished this for us especially Sarah at The Guildhall who agreed to be our second witness."

Favourite part of the day

"We both share the favourite part of the day which was getting ready, being together, talking and FaceTiming with friends, getting dressed and generally enjoying being around each other, something that Tom captured perfectly.

My advice and tips to other couples getting married is to be prepared for change. Do not get hung up on your dream wedding when something happens, which is out of your control. You can adapt anything so that it fits into your day. You don't have to go along with tradition, I was so happy to wake up with Wayne on the day and enjoy each other's moments of preparing to get ready. Don't let others run away with your special day, it's about you and what you want. It's your day after all. "

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