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St Ives Harbour Hotel Becky and Adam

When Becky and Adam walked into St Ives Harbour Hotel they both just knew straight away that it was meant to be.

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St Ives Harbour Hotel Becky and Adam

St Ives Harbour Hotel it was meant to be

It took Becky and Adam quite a while to find the place they both loved, but when they walked into St Ives Harbour Hotel they both just knew straight away that it was meant to be.

a special dessert at St Ives Harbour

“The hotel also designed one of our desserts from scratch and just went above and beyond for us!”

Olivia WR Fine-Art Photography

“Olivia was the first supplier that I booked.”

When Becky came across her work online, she loved that it looked so natural and full of character so she messaged and booked straight away!

“I have never felt comfortable with staged photography but Olivia and Tobia's attention to detail is incredible. When I got my finalised wedding photos, I honestly couldn't believe how beautiful they were!”

A little lippy!

Becky found her wedding lipstick on a whim when out with friends and she fell in love straight away. She loved the deep red and after that point tried balancing all the colours together to get the colour scheme for the day.

“I never felt that there was a real theme behind the day, we both simply found things that we both loved the look of and worked with the deep red although it was so hard to keep my lipstick colour a secret!”

Dukes and Dames

“I can't recommend Sam enough to brides to be out there. She has so much experience, knowledge and determination to get it right for you. Believe me, when I asked her for more volume, she delivered! Sam not only took on my hair and my bridesmaids but actually became an extra in my shots where she put my veil in and fluffed it making sure it was just right.”

The Dress

Becky wore a simple white strappy dress with a puddle train and a detailed lace top.

“I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl and after trying on mountains of dresses, I found my dress at St Ives Bridal Boutique.”


“I'm telling you, never underestimate your comfort in the evening! My shoes which I loved, got kicked off, and on went my navy cat slippers! Me and the bridesmaids all had them because ladies, you need your comforts after being on your feet all day!”

The perfect leather jacket

Getting married in December, Becky needed to find something to go over her wedding dress and she found this search quite hard!

“So after hours of scrolling through Pinterest, I decided on a leather jacket! I knew I didn’t want a black one, so I then went on a mad hunt to find a navy or deep red jacket and found the perfect one on eBay!”

Becky’s Favourite part

“After all the nerves of walking down the aisle and the whirlwind of pictures and speeches and food. It had to be when we played Mr and Mrs on the dance floor in the evening, I was not nervous anymore. I laughed so much during that game, and as new husband and wife, we poked some fun at each other.

Adam's Favourite part

“The speeches, it was nice to hear to such nice things, but also the best man pulled an absolute blinder with pictures from the stag do!”

Advice for other couples

“Your day is about your love to each other. We both decided early on that our wedding would be a collection of things we love with people we love invited.

I can safely say that I could never have done it all without all the help from my husband and bridesmaids! If you have people you can rely on, share your jobs out because you'll be so much less stressed.

I was so lucky that also I listened to all the advice that people gave me, and I took time out just for myself and my husband on the day. It was half an hour on the balcony of our room, which we both stood just amazed by how wonderful it all had been so far. I can honestly say I remember almost all of the day, and it was truly the best day of mine and my husband's life so far!”

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