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The Green Cornwall Chloe and Leon

“The Green won our hearts right away. Nestled in the Cornish countryside makes you feel like the rest of the world doesn’t exist as soon as you step out of your car.”

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The Green Cornwall Chloe and Leon

"The Green makes you feel like the rest of the world doesn’t exist"

“The Green won our hearts right away. Nestled in the Cornish countryside makes you feel like the rest of the world doesn’t exist as soon as you step out of your car.”

What also appealed to Chloe and Leon is that The Green has accommodation for thirty-two and is exclusive use for the whole weekend.

“This made us feel so at ease and excited to share our little bubble with family and friends.

The Green is understated in its beauty, it makes you feel at home and like you’ve been let in on a gorgeous secret. The subtle and undeniable romance felt like us straight away.”


“The Green’s menu is absolutely indescribable.”

The sharing menu instantly appealed to Chloe and Leon. Both love to host friends and family in their home and often serve “dig in and share” type meal - it brings people together.

“It was so great to recreate this on our big day.”

The Unbridled

“Carla is nothing short of an artist.”

Chloe and Leon liked that Carla’s photos tell such intimate stories without grand gestures or elaborate staging and that her work is truly creative, both were really keen to choose someone who was passionate about their craft, not just another wedding photographer.

“Neither of us were keen on having to spend hours doing staged pictures, we just wanted someone to capture the love and laughter that we hoped our day would be filled with.”

Just looking at Carla’s portfolios sparked so much emotion in Chloe, and once they met via FaceTime it was a no-brainer.

“She felt like a friend we just hadn’t met yet, and I knew she’d slip into our day no problem.”

The Theme WAS Love and laughter

“That’s all we wanted. It’s the foundation that our relationship is built upon and we just really wanted our day to reflect that.”

At every stage of the planning, they thought about what would be fun and enjoyable for their guests. Questioning every tradition and only went with the ones that felt like them.

“We just wanted everyone to feel as full of love as we did.”

The suppliers that really stood out

Rosy at Odds and Buds Florist took Chloe’s flower dyslexia and vague brief of…

“Blues, whites, absolutely no pink, and oh, I like succulents and made something truly gorgeous.”

The team at The Hair Lounge, Tavistock were also amazing and just understood what Chloe wanted right away.

The team at The Green “Amazing!”

“If you’re looking for a stress-free day, look no further. They know what they’re doing and they so obviously love it. Their service was outstanding from the first enquiry until we left the next day."

Kaj Music Epic

"Kaj whose live music and DJ sets made for an EPIC party!

Our undying thanks goes to our photographer Carla from The Unbridled and Love from Lucy who did our video - they captured our day so perfectly and they’re memories we’ll always treasure.”

The dress

“Oh, it was so gorgeous. It felt like the version of me that I always wanted to be.”

Chloe’s dress was very simple white satin in a subtle A-Line shape. She had the straps altered so it had a portrait neck-line and buttons added the full length of the train - she’s always loved them on wedding dresses!

“I’m a great lover of classic movies (Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn is my all-time favourite) and when my seamstress Gwen of Gwen Lloyd-Edwards told me that I looked like Grace Kelly I thought I was going to burst!”


Chloe chose a really gorgeous but simple hair vine from Wedding Fairy and Friends, and earrings from Beaverbrooks. They had a drop pearl and pear-shaped stud on the top, which is exactly the same as her engagement ring!

The most important accessory came on loan from her wonderful Dad.

“He asked me if I’d like to wear his Mum’s wedding ring on my right hand on the day. She passed away when he was in his early twenties and I never got to meet her. We did a first look shoot and when he gave it to me we were both blubbering more than a bit!”

Chloe’s Favourite parts of the Day

“I have too many to count! Nervous dancing to Uptown Funk with my bridesmaids was amazing. I loved our whole ceremony and sharing a nip of rum from my husbands hip flask before we joined the meal was just the perfect start to our married life together!”


“Leon says that his favourite moments were me walking down the aisle (I surprised him by walking down to My Girl by The Temptations, it’s his favourite song)

He says he loved giving his speech because he got to really tell everyone how much he loved them and had a chance to really tell everyone how he feels about me. The big softy!

That being said, I think we will both always treasure our guests singing a spontaneous chorus of Wonderwall after the DJ finished because they didn’t want the night to end. What a bunch of legends!”

Top Tip!

“Have all of your important conversations in the pub.”

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