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Tredudwell Manor Tina and Jason

"The manor is in a beautiful location, and Hayley, the wedding planner, was fantastic with us. And staying at Tredudwell was amazing!

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Tredudwell Manor Tina and Jason

Nothing ticked the boxes quite like Tredudwell Manor!

At the time of their marriage, Tina and Jason lived in the South West. They had visited several venues, but none ticked the boxes quite like Tredudwell Manor! In particular, they loved the outdoor ceremony space.

"The manor is in a beautiful location, and Hayley, the wedding planner, was fantastic with us. And staying at Tredudwell was amazing!

Tredudwell offers more than enough space for those guests lucky enough to be staying. And on the morning of the big day, everyone is served a cooked breakfast made using the best local produce. The bridal suite is a large bright room perfect for all the excitement and the hustle and bustle that ensues as the wedding preparations begin!

"The bridal suite was so spacious and bright (ideal for all the rushing about when getting ready!). The bridal bed was massive and comfortable to sleep in. It was really nice to have my bridesmaids in the next room, so I didn't have to worry about timings, and they definitely helped me keep my cool."

Lollipop Photography

The photographer on the day was Julie from Lollipop Photography, whom they met at the Pretty and Punk Wedding Fayre.

"We got on really well together, and I felt really relaxed around her."

The Theme

The barn is a blank canvas, so Tina and Jason could decorate it however they wanted. Tina is of Mauritian heritage, so the theme had to honour this! They brought island vibes to the SouthWest and went tropical!

"We couldn't get married in Mauritius because a lot of our close family and friends would not have been able to attend on the date they had set. And, of course, the whole Pandemic issue. We also didn't want to do the usual 'rustic' theme; we wanted to do something different. So we thought, why not bring at least a bit of the island vibes to the SouthWest.

Unique Designs by Tina

"No question was too silly, and Fred answered them all - he definitely knows his stuff. When we asked whether the tropical island theme was possible, they said absolutely! They were so helpful with costings and helping us with ideas and the layout of the tables, facilitating colour themes while keeping it stylish.

Despite my awful description of what we wanted for the 'tropical island theme' in Cornwall, they were both so good. Fred also helped us with a backup plan should the ceremony have to take place indoors due to the weather.

Both Tina and Fred are flexible and creative; the venue looked like a photoshoot! Everyone was in awe at how everything was decorated! Fred and Tina of Unique Designs can honestly bring any vision to life whilst keeping you on budget at all times, and we can't recommend them enough!"

The outdoor ceremony

Tina and Jason have been to many traditional weddings, so they wanted to do something a little different on their day. Their outdoor ceremony was perfect; they loved the scenery, the rolling hills, the cows in the background and the beautiful blue sky.

"Although there was no aisle per se, I actually really loved my walk from the house to the 'altar/ stand'. Walking around the corner with my dad and seeing everyone's face light up, I couldn't stop smiling, and I nearly tripped. I was so nervous but so happy!! We both loved our ceremony; even though we were surrounded by our loved ones, it felt like it was just the two of us outside saying our vows to each other, which was really special."

The wedding feast

Knowing that their guests all have different palates, Tina and Jason decided to plan something flexible. A buffet-style feast seemed like the best option.

Big Pan Parties delivered a tasty wedding menu. This included chilli, crab cakes, tagine and tartiflette ( a savoury French dish made with potatoes, cheese, lardons, onions and a splash of white wine). YUM!

Covid had a bit of an impact on the arrangements of their reception, having to switch from buffet style to sit-down only. The food was served by Big Pan Parties, who were more than happy to provide table service and provide extra servings to all who requested.

"They definitely don't skimp on serving size! "

The Dress

Tina's bridal gown was purchased from Bridal Reloved in Wallingford - a was a beautiful A-line fitted dress.

"I didn't want to pay over the odds for my dress either, and it fell within budget."

Jason purchased his suit in Moss Bros - light blue with a really cool lining that fitted their tropical theme really well.


Tina wore a necklace gifted from her father earrings from her sister ( she has actually forgotten to pack the ones she intended to wear!) A silver infinity bracelet that Jason had gifted Tina their first Christmas together 5 years ago. She also had a hair slide that she found on Etsy.

Favourite Moments

"Saying our own vows to each other was a really special moment, and they were heartfelt between just the two of us.

We both had a lot of fun with the photoshoot, our wonderful photographer Julie-Rose took us on a 5-minute drive away from the venue. It was a bit overcast and started to get drizzly, but we still had fun!

Top Tips for other couples

It is supposed to be one of the most important days in your life, so remember to enjoy yourself. Don't stress yourself, and don't work yourself up over everything because you'll end up missing the day, and you'll look back with regret.

We received this advice beforehand, and while the day was a whirlwind, we both remembered that we were actually allowed to enjoy ourselves, so we can now look back with fond memories.

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