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Trenderway Angie and Tom

Trenderway has a fantastic team with great personalities and we just loved the wonderful character of the venue.

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Trenderway Angie and Tom

A three-day wedding celebration

It all started with a civil wedding in Looe a day later their two-day Indian wedding began at Trenderway, starting with a traditional Indian engagement and a henna party for the ladies in the evening.

The next day the couple had a beautiful colourful Indian Ceremony. The ceremony was one and a half hours long and allowed the groom Tom to embrace his new bride's culture and religion.

In fact, all the guests on Tom's side of the family were enjoying themselves whilst learning about Indian culture and of course, everyone had to take part in traditional Indian dancing!

Trenderway gave them the perfect opportunity to celebrate as they wanted

The couple chose Trenderway they loved the stunning landscapes and open space giving them the perfect opportunity to celebrate as they wanted.

"Trenderway has a fantastic team with great personalities and we just loved the wonderful character of the venue.

To make our Indian wedding possible Jacqueline and Adam did everything they could to make what we had envisioned to happen, and nothing was too much trouble. With everyone and the venue being so wonderful, it was an easy choice!"

Red Tree Photography

Simon from Red Tree Photography was recommended they had also met him at a wedding and loved his style.

The couple met Simon and explained what they needed for their two-day celebrations they both knew that he would be the perfect match to capture it!

"Indian weddings have a very different layout and there were many moments that we wanted to be captured during the mehndi night and ceremony. Simon was fantastic and did all his research into Indian weddings, he captured everything perfectly, enhancing all the bright colours and special moments between the families and friends."

Working in the hospitality and wedding industry allowed the couple to meet many different suppliers and build great relationships.

"We already had a great idea as to who we would want at our wedding and knew that they would do a fantastic job!"

Angie had made several inquiries for hair and makeup in Cornwall and she found this part of planning the hardest. During her research, Angie found Tamsyn Hair and Makeup online and loved her work.

Angie needed a team that could deliver for our civil ceremony and the Indian wedding. Tamsyn selected a bridal team she chose Rochelle Winter Hair by Rochelle Ellie Hawksworth Elliegent Hair and Heather Dawn

An Indian wedding is full of colour

The colours for the Indian wedding were very bright and had to look right to match the wedding attire. Hair was also important as I had to have my head covered for the religious ceremony.

"After my four hours makeup and hair trial, I was so happy that I had chosen Tamsyn. She put together the right team and nothing was an issue at all. The mornings were a very early start but there was plenty of laughter and joy which made everything that extra bit special."

The Henna Night know as "Mendhi"

"Rebecca from Red Hand Henna was amazing! Her free spirit and bubbly personality was such a hit with everyone and she did an amazing job at creating wonderful artistic pieces on everybody! The Bridal Henna I had chosen, Rebecca replicated perfectly! I didn’t want it to come off!"

The dress

"If I could wear this dress every day I would, but I know I would get some very funny looks!"

Angie searched in Cornwall, Bristol and Exeter, for her Indian dress, but couldn't find anything that she liked. Her three older sisters got their wedding dresses from Monga’s UK and that's eventually where Angie also ended up finding "the one"

"On my first visit, I knew the dress I wanted! The beading and diamantes were delicately placed and the stitch work on the back so beautifully laid out to give the Crisscross design.

The fact it was VERY heavy did not bother me, I just knew I had to have it! I put the order in and waited patiently for 6 months for it to be ready for collection! Once I tried it on I couldn’t wait to wear it! My civil dress was just as beautiful, so I was a very lucky girl having two!"

The evening entertainment Angie and Tom were recommended by Trenderway John Green Dynamic Entertainments

Favourite parts of their celebrations

Angie absolutely loved the planning and the lead-up and the days themselves, they both found it all very exciting.

"We were filled with joy of seeing all our loved ones make the long journey to Cornwall and be a part of our new chapter together. But my most favourite part was marrying Tom and becoming Mrs Lyons. The fact I got to marry him twice was even better!"

Top tip for the bride

"Enjoy every moment! It all goes so fast! Make sure you take 5 minutes with your new hubby to take it all in."

Top tip for the groom

"Don’t forget to send a little surprise to your bride whilst she is getting ready! Just to let her know that you are thinking of her!"

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