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Trenderway Jacqueline and Adam

When Adam and Jacqueline got engaged Adam suggested that they viewed Trenderway as a potential wedding venue. When they arrived they both knew it was right and it ended up being the only venue they viewed!

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Trenderway Jacqueline and Adam

trenderway weddings the only venue Jacqueline and Adam viewed!

When Jacqueline and Adam got engaged Adam suggested that they viewed Trenderway as a potential wedding venue. Adam had worked at Trenderway when he was younger so knew the owners really well. When they arrived they both knew it was right and it ended up being the only venue they viewed!

They loved the barn, gardens, meadow and accommodation everything was so beautiful

They could just picture their big day whilst walking around the venue. With its tranquil setting, they knew they would feel relaxed and calm on the day.

the welcome...and a job!

The owners Jacquie and Yaron were so welcoming, they all clicked instantly so much so Jacqueline ended up working full time at Trenderway as the Events Manager and Adam has also come back to work at Trenderway too!

access to many wonderful suppliers

Being an events manager at a beautiful wedding venue gave Jacqueline access to many wonderful suppliers and photographers and this is exactly how they met their photographer Toby Lowe. Toby was photographing a wedding at Trenderway and Jacqueline got on really well with him and just knew that he would make them both feel comfortable on their big day and also get the photos that they would treasure forever!

From the start, Jacqueline and Adam had a good idea about how they wanted their day to feel, so it was just a case of finding the right suppliers but this couple were in that lucky position of meeting many great suppliers. Jacqueline, chose Blush Beauty for her wedding makeup, her hair was styled by one of her bridesmaids. They met their DJ John Green during a wedding, he was friendly and professional and listened to their music tastes, quite a task, Jacqueline and Adam have the opposite tastes in music, but he got it right and even mixed in some crowd pleasers and golden oldies.

With so many amazing suppliers Jacqueline and Adam did struggle to make some decisions, their top tip would be to select the suppliers you get on well with, ones that make you feel reassured that they will deliver on the day.

The dress

Jacqueline found her dress in the beautiful boutique Prudence Gowns in Plymouth. The ladies in the boutique were unbelievably helpful and welcoming even after three visits to try on the same dress! Jacqueline thought she knew what she wanted, a Grecian style gown or something slim fitting. Instead, she ended up with a ‘Princess’ style dress with beautiful lace and beading on the top. This is why she went back three times, she couldn’t believe this was the dress she had fallen in love with, but once on Jacqueline couldn't help but swoosh and twirl around. So, ladies, it is true - you know it is the one when you put it on!

favourite part of the day

Its always hard to say what the favourite part of the day was for any bride and groom. Many say that the day goes so quickly and that they loved every minute! Jacqueline and Adam said their cheeks were hurting from smiling and laughing all day, other highlights included their grandad’s reading during the ceremony, getting photographed on the motorbike (not easy with a princess dress!), the speeches, dancing to the Ceilidh band, spending time with their friends and family and the limbo competition at the end of the night.

Top Tips to brides

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Everyone kept asking if I was ok on the morning of the wedding as it was raining. I can honestly say that was the last thing on my mind, I was just so excited to be marrying Adam. Anything could have gone wrong on the day, as long I ended up as Mrs Winterson I really didn’t mind about everything else. The fact that it all came together so well, was just a bonus.

Top Tips or grooms

Don’t go out drinking and playing shot roulette the night before! (Although this does make for some good stories)

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