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Trenderway Kate and Paul

Trenderway was the only place Kate and Paul saw where they could imagine doing something really fun! Trenderway really stood out as the only place they could imagine tying the knot.

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Trenderway Kate and Paul

Trenderway really stood out as the only place they could imagine tying the knot

Kate and Paul knew they wanted to get married in Cornwall, it's where they'd started their relationship many years before and wanted to begin their married life in Cornwall too.

They travelled down to Cornwall from London and viewed lots of venues in the gorgeous Cornish sunshine, then they visited Trenderway in miserable grey rain but they loved it! Trenderway really stood out as the only place they could imagine tying the knot.

"Paul looked at me with a wry smile on the drive back from the farm and I knew that he’d made his choice. And that was before we even realised we had the option to get married on the outside decking! It had the perfect mix of expansive stunning landscapes and a gorgeous timeless inside space."

A space of their own

Their requirements were a venue which was flexible, where they would have control and feel like the space was their own, one they could put a fun spin on.

"Trenderway was the only place we saw where we could imagine doing something really fun, and as we had the whole space to ourselves, and the variety of spaces we knew that we could do something that really suited us.

Jacqueline, Jackie, and Jaron were so warm, welcoming and friendly when we visited, so far removed from the more corporate places that we had disregarded in research. We were excited by the idea of planning our wedding with them."

Their photographer was Enchanted Brides her photography was simply the style for them

A friend helped them by researching Cornish photographers and sent them a few links, Kate and Paul chose Enchanted Brides for their day.

"As soon as we clicked through to the Enchanted Brides website, having only seen the home page I knew this was the style for us. The composition of her pictures, use of colour and texture was so impressive."

Kate and Paul spoke with Jo, and they loved that she was really relaxed, positive, lovely person someone they were really excited to meet. They opted to have an engagement shoot before and thought this was a brilliant idea as neither of them had ever had a professional photoshoot so it gave them a heads up for their big day.

"We needn’t have worried though as Jo was such a pleasure. She knew when to leave us to our devices and capture things organically and when to step in and direct for a winning shot. And couldn’t be happier with the pictures of the day. When we looked through them for the first time, it was “wow”, “wow”, “wow” to each shot. Jo really went the extra mile to capture the essence of our day."

Wedding hair! Number 8 hairdressing

Kate found Number 8 hairdressing through a google search and chose them because they had a strong wedding section on their site.

Kate was introduced to Julie Wiz, she had contacted another make-up artist who was busy on her wedding date but had recommended Julie. She chose Julie as she was really friendly and flexible, and nothing was too much of an ask.

The couple were extremely fortunate that Pauls Aunty used to have a florist business and offered to do the flowers for their wedding. Here at eeek! HQ we say...go, Aunty, the flowers are epic!

The wonderful decorations and props came from Kates best friend who happened to have an events company.

"So, so lucky that one of my best friends has a fantastic events company called Unattended Items. They took everything I wanted for the wedding and made it a reality, as well as pitching some super fun ideas. Guess the dress game was a particular standout!"

The dress

Before Kate even got engaged, she knew that she didn’t want to walk down the aisle in a white dress, and by white, she means any shade of white

Kates quest for her ideal dress started, she was optimistic, she went to dozens of bridal gown shops, and tried on well over a hundred dresses! Wow!! Each one of them “definitely not white”. There were shades of ivory, magnolia, wheat, and so many were really stunning, but none of them were anywhere near what Kate had envisaged as her perfect wedding dress.

Kate was then put in touch with an amazing costume designer, Anne-Sophie Cochovelou, who also makes bespoke wedding dresses.

"It was such a great journey, over cups of coffee, whilst I gawped in awe of the creativity of her costumes around her studio, phone calls, hours of Pinterest research and discussions to create the dress. Anne-Sophie listened to everything I wanted from the dress, used her years of experience to add suggestions and pointers for our kind of wedding, on a farm, and turn it into a reality. As a result, I was gobsmacked as I saw it at each stage of the journey, it was a surprise that it turned out far nicer than I could have ever imagined. At the start of the process when I initially met with Anne-Sophie I knew I wanted the dress to be gold and have some glamour and sparkle to it. She added her flair and went the extra marathon, rather than a mile, hand sewing sequins, in varying patterns, with varying shades of gold to produce a very special piece. On the day I just wanted to look down at what I was wearing and admire all the intricate patterns, and different pieces used."

Kate lost a bit of weight in the run-up to the wedding, which had to factor into the dress, at several different stages.

"At my penultimate fitting, I had asked Anne-Sophie to make the dress smaller than I was at that time. At my final fitting, we were both holding our breath as she did up the zip and were so relieved that it fit! It was such a nice reassurance that Anne-Sophie was really dedicated to creating exactly what I wanted."

Favourite part of the day for the bride

"Don’t even have to think about it. For both of us, it was just after we had been pronounced husband and wife, walking back down the aisle with the sun shining on us, all our friends and family showering us with confetti, walking towards our beautiful arch adorned with flowers. It was such a magical feeling"

Favourite part of the day for the groom

"I’ll go for a different bit then and say smashing our wedding piñata, I put a lot of effort into making a massive three-tiered wedding cake out of cardboard that was then filled with chocolates, me and Kate had sticks that we smashed it within the barn just before our first dance, certainly a good way to limber up!"

Tip for Brides

Use friends and family, the venue, anyone and everyone to ensure all things on the day are sorted and done so that you don’t have to be responsible for anything but being pampered, walking down the aisle and having fun with your guests. Ensure a close and trusted friend is on timings, so that you don’t have to think about the time and if things are going to plan. So you can focus on all your energy with your groom and loved ones. Make sure that you don’t have anything at the back of your mind the night before that you must remember to do.

Tip for Grooms

Be a part of the decisions and be willing to do something that takes you out your comfort zone, you may be surprised what weird and wonderful routes it may take you. Having 10 weeks of dancing lessons was not something I would have chosen, but I look back on those many hours practicing so fondly. For the day itself, take a minute to stop thinking and just let your senses take over. The sights, sounds and smells. It is certainly one of the clearest memories I have of the day nearly a year on.

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