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Why don’t men wear engagement rings? Fun Facts

Why Don’t Men Wear Engagement Rings?

mens engagement rings

When most people think of engagement rings, they think of a beautiful ring that is worn by a woman but never men’s engagement rings.

However, did you know that engagement rings are not just for women? They are for men too. Why shouldn’t men wear engagement rings? In this blog, we’ll explore one of the more recent trends in wedding jewellery – engagement rings for men – and address the question many people have been asking: do men wear engagement rings?

Here’s what we will cover:

The answer is that many men are choosing to wear engagement rings.

Although it may be a new trend, there are many reasons why men should consider wearing an engagement ring.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will shape the rest of your life so surely, this kind of experience should be shared with both bride and groom with the exchange of rings.

The engagement ring is becoming a symbol of equality, which is a good enough reason for men to wear one too.

It signifies love and commitment – which means you both need some bling! And it’s great for the jewellery industry too.

The history of the engagement ring

Engagement rings and Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the Romans thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

And that’s where the romance ends! The tradition is that when a couple gets engaged the bride-to-be wears a ring, and this ring symbolises that she is now taken! TAKEN!!!

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Do men want to be at the forefront of a growing trend?

Is this just a male engagement ring trend? Not exactly. Couples who do not believe in traditional gender roles often seek new methods of demonstrating their willingness to embrace the tradition to promote gender equality. The term “engagement ring” has changed to the more general phrase “wearable symbol of commitment.” This is a matter of preference, but it can also be a personal choice.

As society evolves, it is important that we embrace new traditions and move away from outdated gender roles male engagement rings will become more mainstream.

By choosing to wear an engagement ring, men are sending a message that they are committed to equality and ready to break down barriers. So far, this trend has been met with positive responses from both men and women alike. Male engagement rings are here to stay!

The history of men’s engagement rings

Although the tradition of men wearing engagement rings is not as popular in Western cultures as it is in certain parts of the world, it is becoming more common practice.

In some cultures, you may be surprised to know that men are expected to wear engagement rings. In many Latin American countries, notably Argentina and Chile, men have been wearing engagement rings for generations. They choose to do so because it is part of their culture. An engagement ring is worn by men and women to symbolise lifetime and emotional commitment.

Engagement rings for him. In Western cultures, it is becoming more acceptable for men to wear engagement rings in same-sex and heterosexual relationships. Modern relationships are transforming and it’s all about equality.

Here are just a few of the benefits of wearing an engagement ring:

An engagement ring can show your commitment to your partner.

Engagement rings are a symbol of your love and dedication to each other.

Wearing an engagement ring can make you feel more connected to your partner.

The Engagement ring can help strengthen your relationship.

Men want to make a statement about their relationship

Modern relationships are transforming the engagement ring is seen as a symbol of equality.

Gone are the days when rings previously signified ownership wherein the groom “claims” the bride-to-be. If you really want to own the terms you use to define your relationship, it makes sense that the ring now symbolizes your love and commitment to each other which surely means male engagement rings will become increasingly popular.

Traditionally the engagement ring has been seen as a symbol of love and commitment from a woman to a man. It is often given as an indication that the relationship is moving to the next level. However, in recent years there has been a shift in this tradition. Whether in a same-sex or opposite-sex relationship. OK so not every man will want to wear one, but engagement rings for men are definitely here to stay.

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Celebrities Show Off Their Engagement Rings

There’s nothing surprising that many well-known names followed Humphrey Bogart and his pioneering wedding rings in the 1950s in a move to the male ring market. Ed Sheeran made headlines for revealing an engagement ring, saying he had the same ring for the same reasons. Other celebrities spotted posing with engagement rings include Skylar Astin and Tom Daley.

I got engaged myself in 2015 and we both wore an engagement ring, a simple silver band that we now wear as our wedding bands (we both felt we didn’t need or want anything more)

I have yet to meet a bride-to-be who isn’t excited about getting engaged and getting THE RING!! Have the men been missing out for all these years?!

The great news is that we have a lot more freedom when it comes to planning our engagement and our weddings. Here at eeek! HQ we predict that many more men will choose to wear an engagement ring too.

Kellie and I both chose to wear an engagement ring and for our wedding day we followed some traditions but ultimately we did what we wanted to do.

So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to wear men should wear an engagement ring, we hope we have provided you with some good reasons to give it a try!

Remember, there is no wrong way to do things when it comes to getting engaged – whatever makes you and your partner happy is what counts. So go ahead and pick out that perfect engagement ring for both of you today!

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