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Guest Blog Sophie’s Wedding Planning Journey and Top Tips

Something a little different

In this guest blog, our wonderful bride Sophie talks about her wedding planning journey and top tips. Every blog she read about wedding planning all had the same tips, so in this blog, Sophie is hoping that her tips may be a little different and out of the box!

“A bit like our wedding!”

Sophie fell in love with planning so much she started her own Wedding Planning business called The Little Details by Sophie.

I love planning parties, so when David popped the question, I was so excited to start planning. I loved being engaged, but honestly, I loved the wedding planning more. Putting together a day which was all about my husband and I, where people could join in with the things we enjoy most in the world was just a dream. In fact, I enjoyed it that much, I’m considering going into wedding planning!

We seemed to have such an easy time planning, I think it’s down to us both wanting the same things and the amazing suppliers we worked with. I can not recommend them enough, they all made me feel so comfortable and nothing seemed to be a problem!


Before booking anything, before jumping into anything, talk to your future husband (or wife). Find out what you both want, whether you’re on the same page and what kind of budget you were thinking of. It will avoid arguments 6 months into planning!


Take your time, if you don’t want to get married in the next year, don’t! Family and friends can wait, and the build-up makes it more exciting when the day finally comes around.


Don’t stress! People don’t know what you want, every wedding is different if you forget something no one will know!


Find the BEST suppliers and don’t be afraid to say no to ones you don’t like. Make sure they are on board with your ideas, and they allow you to have what YOU want, not what they think is an ideal wedding. It is YOUR day, not theirs. If you want to have an egg and spoon race, have one (we did!)!


Don’t look at photography as a cost, look at it as in investment. Your photos are the only thing you are left with after your day and you have to like them, so if the style you like is going to cost you £500 more than the other photographer, I say go for it!
And don’t forget, your photographer is with you all day, make sure you get on with them! I can not recommend Verity Westcott enough. She is the most down to earth, funny and relaxed person you could have around. She blended into our wedding and some of our family even though she was a guest! She captured our day perfectly! Verity, again, thank you so much!

I had the most amazing and relaxed day, and I could not have done it without the team behind us. We DIY’d a lot of our wedding, well, I say we, my amazing mum made enough bunting to decorate the whole village, let alone Knightor, she was a superstar. If people want to help, let them, it makes it so much easier. And don’t forget to enjoy it, this day happens once in your life if you forget the flowers on the cake, or not all the bunting got put up, or you forgot to put your garter on (ooops…), do not let it bother you, it’s fine! Enjoy your day with your friends and family, and take it all in!

You can see more of Sophie and David’s wedding day at Knightor on eeek!

Image Credits Verity Westcott Photography

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