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Clare Kinchin Photography

Clare's photography style matched her personality - it is relaxed, informal and documentary, she wants to tell your love story

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Clare Kinchin Photography

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relaxed, informal and documentary wedding photographer

Clare’s photography style matched her personality

Its relaxed, informal and documentary, a photographer who loves to shoot things as they happen, real honest moments, whilst also being on hand to offer a little gentle direction when needed.

She loves to capture the day as it unfolds, from the loving I do’s to the epic dancing; as a photographer, she wants to tell your love story, interested in the details.

Clare would like to get to know you more. Where did you meet? What’s your proposal story? What’s your perfect weekend? She would like to know the music you listen too, what can’t you live without, and what makes you tick!

Photographing laid-back weddings, intimate elopements, small family gatherings, windswept Dartmoor weddings, rustic weddings, festival weddings, countryside weddings, destination weddings, bohemian weddings, beachside weddings and urban weddings.

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Things to know about Clare Kinchin Photography…

she loves the colour green, swimming in the sea, cooking outside on an open fire, Prosecco and Mojito’s, a good love story, summer dresses, India India India, animals all kinds big and small, walking on the beach in the rain, stationery, a pair of bad boy heels, converse boots (the more battered the better), exploring the world and everything in it, Dartmoor (its wildly romantic), Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, strong individual women that don’t fit the mould, Ibiza (definitely not too old to have a good rave up), dancing like no-one’s watching, cake…blooming love a slice of cake, a good warm coat, adventure, surfing, mountains, allotments, hot sun in far away places, music…from the Lark Ascending to Florence and the Machine and everything in between, a cosy set of PJ’s to snuggle up in at the end of the day, anything that makes people creative, a lamb chop (pink)!

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