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Hendra Barns Jessica and Amy

Jessica and Amy always wanted a rustic, country wedding and on a visit to Hendra Barns the feeling was instant they knew they wanted to get married there!

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Hendra Barns Jessica and Amy

When we went to see Hendra Barns the feeling was instant we knew we wanted to get married there

Having always wanted a rustic, country feel for their wedding Jessica and Amy toyed with the idea of having their day at their own family small-holding, these plans were soon to change after they visited Hendra Barns

"Even the lane down to Hendra was so exciting, driving through the tunnel of tree's, you wonder if you were ever going to get there. Then when you reach the end and turn the corner...

the magic of the manicured lawns, the arbour next to the water with the views of constant countryside it was so picturesque.

We were greeted by Maggie who was super friendly and professional, she made us feel at ease and showed us around everywhere giving us the information we needed. It felt like we had known her before and another reason that made our decision to have our wedding at Hendra so simple."

Jessica and Amy loved that they had Hendra Barns exclusively, it made them feel really special and the barns were beautifully decorated and homely perfect for their families.

"Throughout our wedding day, Maggie and Ken ensured everything was as it should be; Maggie went above and beyond and clearly puts pride into each and every wedding she hosts. She really made us feel special and someone we now would like to call a friend."

Zac Gibson Wedding Photography

They knew who they wanted to photograph their day and that was Zac. Amy's sister married in 2017 and she chose Zac to photograph her day.

"Zach is friendly, professional and fits in with your day perfectly. He went above and beyond and even helped out in areas he didn’t need too, even keeping an ear out for our napping daughter in the afternoon. We liked Zach's vision and his photos are natural and didn’t feel staged and posed which is what we wanted."

The vibe of the day..."Autumnal! We both love autumn with the rustic feel and the beautiful colours."

Pumpkins filled with flowers all arranged the day before the wedding by themselves Faux autumn leaf garlands were tied to the wooden beams so cheap yet so effective! A cake table made using apple crates and wooden boards on which they placed their vegan semi-naked wedding carrot cake by Swirls and Pearls complete with “falling in love” bunting surrounded by homemade pecans pies and flowers.


"We chose our flowers from St Mellion flowers. Everyone there was extremely helpful, and also went above and beyond for us. They arranged our bouquets, button holes and courages, but delivered wholesale bulk flowers for our flower arrangements around the venue.  Maggie helped us with the pumpkins and created some beautiful flower arrangements. Everyone commented and they really made the venue even more beautiful."

Continuing the Autumnal theme their guests were welcomed with a winter Pimm's and root vegetable crisps and the children received a brown paper bag of treats to keep them occupied. All the little touches really made their venue look incredible.

A wedding feast by Wild Food Kitchen - their food is rustic, homely and hearty.

"We wanted a real feast and when researching we loved the sound of their menus."

On the day their guests were treated to BBQ spatchcock chicken, macaroni and cheese, rosemary and sea salt wedges, belly pork with corn on the cob and salad all served on wooden boards. And for their evening feast beef brisket Burritos and three-bean burrito’s.

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The dresses. Amy always knew she wanted to wear a dress

...and after a few unsuccessful visits to dress shops with her mum and sister she ended up at Elaine Rawlings Bridal Boutique. After trying on several dresses, she found the perfect one!

"Something that when you’re plus size you just don’t know will actually happen. The dress was perfect."

Jessica on the other hand had no idea what she wanted to wear.

"Did I want to wear a dress or a trouser suit?"

I joked around saying “leggings and flip flops” I never really thought about it I guess like, other people do."

Being a plus-size bride, she decided to go to Curvy Brides Boutique. She was super nervous and tried on so many dresses.

"I really wasn’t sure I was going to find “the one”. The last dress I tried on, I remember feeling “different”. When I saw myself, I knew this was the dress."  


Amy wore her sister's veil and a bracelet which Jessica had left in a box on her bed the night before the wedding. Beautiful drop earrings which stood out with her hair up and she also wore her grandmother's ring.

Jessica wore earrings that were her nan's given to her by her sister.

"I really wanted to have a piece of my Nan with me on my wedding day and this was a really sweet touch."

Jessica's mum and sister are hairdressers knowing Jessica so well her sister created the perfect wedding hair.

"I really wanted something simple. I did my own makeup as again, I wanted this to be something very simple." 

Favourite part of the day

Our wedding was really quite intimate, we didn’t have too many guests and this made it even more special to us. 


"One of my favourite parts of the day was walking down the aisle with my daughter Evie and waiting for Amy, then watching Amy walk down the aisle with her dad. I have never felt that feeling before and I am not sure I can really explain it. As cliche as that sounds it’s true.  I also loved going off around Hendra barns with Amy and Evie for a little photo-shoot together. Having some time just us from all the busy hustle and bustle of trying to see everyone really made a difference."


"Seeing Evie dressed up and stood with Jessica at the end of the aisle took my breath away. I also loved the end of the night when everyone has gone home, and you're tired from a very long day, just having space and quiet with your new wife is really rather lovely."

Top Tips

"Communicate, plan and more planning.  Amy is definitely the organiser, and without her our wedding would not have been what it was. She researched everything and found the best deals to ensure we could financially afford it and still have everything we wanted. It doesn’t need to be expensive if you shop around and have imagination and vision.

We would highly recommend everyone we used, click on the links we would love for you to browse their websites!"

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