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Pentillie Castle Natalie and Pierre

Pentillie the perfect ‘Chateau’

Natalie and her mum started looking for the perfect venue at the end of December 2017 Pierre had only one request and that was he wanted a ‘Chateau’! First on their venue list was Pentillie Castle, but just to be sure Nicola and mum also visited just one other venue, one day later Natalie and Pierre booked Pentillie - it ticked many boxes especially the ‘Chateau’!

“It was challenging planning from Dubai, but with the amazing assistance from Lisa at Pentillie and my parents, made it very smooth for me.”

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over ten countries were present at the wedding

Natalie and Pierre decided early on to make their wedding a three-day affair. On the first night they had an intimate dinner with sixteen of their guests all staying at Pentillie, the second night they had a gathering at St Mellion Golf Club with all of their guests that had travelled from near and far over ten countries were represented!

Natalie and Pierre can describe their wedding in 3 words Elegant, Intimate and Fun

Their Wedding Theme TRAVEL, WINE and FOOD

Natalie and Pierre have three loves in life (apart from the love for each other). Travel, wine and food.

“Being based in Dubai has allowed us to travel to many different countries and explore the world.”

Travel: luggage suitcase favours with Cornish fudge inside, a vintage table plan of the world with luggage tags with our favourite places they have visited for table name and the table names were in post-card styles. Guests were invited to write on a globe and the card drop was made by Natalie using a vintage suitcase.

Wine: For the centrepiece Natalie ordered wine decanters and had them engraved with their names, venue and wedding date, finished off with a garland around the decanters with foliage and wine corks collected over the years.

Food: Pierre took a very ‘active’ part in choosing the food and wine for the day and it was delicious, working very closely with the chef at Pentillie they chose a lovely 3-course menu with choices for their guests, including of course English and French elements. For the evening food, the couple chose cheeses, pasties and their delicious wedding cake.

Noah Werth Photography

Everyone Natalie and Pierre chose contributed to their perfect day, one of their big and best investments was their Photographer and Videographer Noah Werth and they couldn’t have been happier with the memories Noah and his team captured.

“Noah Werth and his team were amazing!”

The Wedding

Initially, the wedding was meant to be very small and only for twenty-twenty-five people.

“We were then going to have a ‘party’ in France for all our friends. This soon changed when my now-husband realised how much organisation is involved. So, we decided to make this the main event and invite everyone we wanted there.”

Natalie and Pierre invited seventy-five guests in the end but it still felt intimate. Their main priority was to enjoy the time with their family and friends and for everyone to remember the day.

“The day was perfect everyone enjoyed the beautiful setting of Pentillie, and nothing about our day felt rushed. Everything went so smoothly for us and I didn’t turn into a ‘Bridezilla’. As I walked down the aisle I felt very happy and actually relaxed. The groom had a few tears which was very sweet!”

favourite part of the day

"Everything! But if I have to pinpoint one thing, it would be our first dance which was a big surprise for our guests. They have not stopped talking about it and saying it the best first dance they have ever seen.”

The best first dance

Natalie and Pierre started their dance lessons nine-months before the wedding it was a big investment in time; practising, choreographing the dance and music.

“But 100% worth it! We started the first dance-off with ‘Stand By Me’…however the music stopped and to everyone surprise we went into an Argentina Tango, followed by some more music such as Sexual Healing – Marvin Gay, Gangman Style, Indian music and finishing off to a Jive to Happy – Pharrell Williams”

Top tips for other couples

“Enjoy all the planning, preparation and especially the day. Many Brides I have spoken to were so stressed doing this and did not enjoy their day, which is such a shame. It will all go by so quick, so embrace it all and make sure you have fun. The minor details really do not fret over; no one will notice or care. The main thing for you and your guests is to have good food, plenty of drink and have fun and laughter!”

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