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The Scarlet Katie and Nathan

Mawgan Porth is a special place for Katie and Nathan it’s somewhere they have visited every year for the last eight years and Mawgan Porth is the beach where Nathan proposed!

The Scarlet Katie and Nathan

The Scarlet do weddings! decision made...

Katie and Nathan had a completely different idea of the perfect wedding. Nathan wanted a fairy tale big family wedding, Katie wanted to elope in Cornwall! So they settled somewhere in the middle with just eighteen guests at The Scarlet in Mawgan Porth.

Mawgan Porth is a special place for Katie and Nathan it’s somewhere they have visited every year for the last eight years and Mawgan Porth is the beach where Nathan proposed!

“We had always walked the cliff path and looked at The Scarlet but never visited. I was looking for a weekend away near Mawgan Porth and discovered that The Scarlet did weddings. I called Nathan and that was our decision made we booked it the same day.”

Toby Lowe Photography

After deciding on a smaller more intimate wedding Katie and Nathan had to find the perfect photographer to capture all the moments, moments they wanted to share with their family and friends who would be missing
their day.

“I searched Instagram initially and found four photographers from the local area. We followed them all on Instagram and looked at their work for a few weeks before emailing Toby Lowe."

Toby was the perfect choice

"After speaking to him initially we knew he was the perfect choice! His style of photography was what we needed, relaxed and informal. He seemed so lovely on his Instagram stories too!”

Their day relaxed with good food and great people

From the moment they booked The Scarlet both agreed their day needed to be relaxed with good food and great people.

“I haven’t dreamt about my wedding like many girls do so it was nice that we could do this together!”

They set up a joint Pinterest board and both added things they loved and it turned out they had pretty similar ideas when it came to the theme they wanted!

Why Kimberley Holland?

Katie decided very last minute to book a hairdresser and used Instagram to find a few different people she liked the look of.

“I came across Kimberley and checked out some of her recent work and loved it! I messaged her and thankfully she had availability for my date so I booked with her there and then and I am so glad I did!”

The perfect dried flowers

Katie and Nathan also had a reception planned back home and wanted to recreate the day for all those that didn’t attend so Katie decided to use dried flowers for the wedding so they would be perfect days later.

“I found English Flower Farmer on Etsy, I ordered a buttonhole as a sample and it was stunning!! We didn’t even get samples from anywhere else we were thrilled with our choice and I wore a floral crown as well as our bouquets been from there. Everyone complimented them guests, hotel staff, hairdresser and photographer!”

The Dress

Katie didn’t want a traditional wedding dress but also didn’t really know what other options were out there! So she booked a few appointments at a few local boutiques

“Although they had beautiful dresses none of them were what I was looking for.”

Katie then took to the internet trying dresses from Monsoon, ASOS, Whistles and many more.

“None of them were right.”

Katie then luckily saw a post from a friend who had recently attended a wedding and the bride was wearing the perfect dress, the dress was by Daughters of Simone.

“I found the designer of my dreams!!”

Katie ordered fabric samples to come from LA and found the nearest stockist to her and booked an appointment for as soon as they could do.

Katie tried on the entire collection!

“I tried the entire collection on and decided on Jude, a two-piece in a heavy crochet lace. It really was my perfect dress!”


Katie wore a very simple jewellery set, her necklace was a halo style with their wedding date engraved on there with a bracelet and earrings to match.

“I didn’t go wild with accessories because I was wearing quite a bright floral crown!”

Katie’s favourite part

“My favourite part was straight after our ceremony we had canapés and drinks on the balcony overlooking the sea, it felt as though the serious stuff was out of the way and we could all relax! The weather was beautiful and the food and view were pretty amazing too!”

Nathan’s favourite part

"When Katie walked through the door to the ceremony, my breath was taken away by how amazing she looked and I knew she was about to become my wife and didn’t want to wait another second"

NB Katie

“Those are his exact words and I didn’t even have to pay him to say it!!”

Top tip

“Our top tips for future bride and grooms would be to not sweat the small stuff, I promise no one will notice that flower that’s slightly out of place or that you’ve taken your shoes off and if they do, you won’t care anyway. It really is the most perfect of days however you decide to go about it. Enjoy every single second and cherish those memories forever!”

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