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Trevenna Hannah and Alex

Hannah and Alex finally decided that Trevenna was the perfect venue for them. "It really stood out even amongst all the other beautiful venues"

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Trevenna Hannah and Alex


Hannah and Alex viewed a lot of venues around Cornwall, even venues they knew didn’t tick all the boxes but felt they needed to view all possibilities just to be sure.

At eeek! HQ we think this is a great idea after all planning a wedding is an adventure. Explore you never know what you might find!

Hannah and Alex finally decided that Trevenna was the perfect venue for them.

"It really stood out even amongst all the other beautiful venues around Cornwall"

Trevenna ticked all the boxes

Trevenna certainly ticked all the boxes they wanted, including a rustic setting, accommodation for friends and family, exclusive weekend hire, meals included for guests staying, dog-friendly, as well as gorgeous scenery outside and stunning accommodation everything was perfect.

"Living in Cornwall and planning a wedding you ALWAYS need to be mindful that on the day it could be raining.

This was a big factor for us having viewed Trevenna on a typical Cornish rainy day it was still beautiful. We knew then it was the venue for us"

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Kate Fierek Photography

Hannah is a Wedding Planner and working in the wedding industry herself she believes the best kind of service you can find is through recommendations.

"Having spoken to family and friends that have attended many weddings as well as family member weddings, they all recommended Kate Fierek Photo + Film.

My husband (still seems very strange calling him this!) and I looked on Kate’s website and social media pages firstly and her photography was beautiful especially capturing the small details of the wedding sold it for us, we loved her style"

Hannah also believes that there must be a ‘connection’ with you and your selected photographer.

"You need to be able to put your trust into your photographer as they are the ones capturing your everlasting memories!

We had a meeting with Kate to ensure we also liked her as a person, this may sound picky but as Kate would have been with us all day coordinating the shots, we needed to make sure we had someone that we could instantly trust to get on with this job and do it in a calm and polite way.

We instantly felt Kate was the right photographer for us, her passion and love for her career was a wonderful thing to listen too and Kate even suggested shots that I hadn’t thought about!"

Kate did a magnificent job on their day, and the couple couldn’t be happier with how she conducted herself, she was so involved and knew exactly where to be and how they wanted the shots captured.

"At one point later on in the day my feet started to hurt (even with heel inserts in and reasonable size heels!!) but I am so pleased Kate insisted on going for a 20 minute ‘woodland stroll’ with just myself, Alex and Kate. The photo’s she got from this are amazing!

Hannah is so thankful that Kate didn’t just accept her using her aching feet as a no!

"I cannot express enough that Kate's professionalism and passion really showed in this situation and the images she captured, made our wedding photos, they are beautiful if I do say so myself!

All in all, Kate was an easy decision for us, trust is a key element with choosing a photographer and we 100% trusted Kate and she delivered!"


"This is a great question! Halfway through the wedding planning our ‘theme’ changed slightly due to a very glamorous choice of wedding dress"

From the word go the theme was rustic, Hannah had fallen in love with rustic weddings and Pinterest had played a big part in this love for everything rustic

"Everything I seemed to pin was rustic décor! I love the country feel too rustic décor, this was a no brainer, especially having picked a very rustic countryside venue it was only right and felt natural to go with this vibe"

Having set her heart on a pretty lace style dress to fit in with the hessian and rustic theme, along came Justin Alexander Signature dress called ‘Amelia’. It blew her mind. From seeing the dress on online to try it on, Hannah instantly knew that this was her wedding dress!

"Hands down, this was the dress I was going to get married in and it changed everything!

The dress was not lace, it had no lace on it, just lots of embellishment beading, crystals and pearls everywhere!"

The new theme was now ‘rustic glam’

Thanks to her totally different choice of dress, (without Alex knowing) Hannah now had to incorporate a lot more sparkle into their wedding day.

The table confetti changed to a mixture of silver and clear crystals along with wooden rustic hearts and love pieces.

Headpieces for the bridal party became very bling, with sparkle and diamantes on a small subtle head combe, just enough to compliment the dresses but nothing too big.

All the bridesmaids and the maid of honour had to have new dresses. Hannah had bought her bridesmaids' lace dresses before she bought her own dress. Oops!

"It was very difficult finding bridesmaid dresses to match in with my dress, which is why I delegated this job to my mum, who did a fantastic job and managed to find gorgeous dresses in the January sales on Quiz in all the girls’ sizes, result!

Lewis Belcher Wedding Magician

Hannah and Alex chose to have a magician to entertain their guests on the day and chose the one and only Lewis Belcher.

"Lewis Belcher our amazing magician. We knew as soon as we got engaged that we would have a magician at the wedding, we both love magic and illusions!"

a true showman

Lewis is a true showman and makes what he does look so easy! So professional, and confident walking up to crowds and performing amazing magic is something that just comes naturally to him!

"Lewis made our day extra special by performing a trick on the top table with Alex and myself in front of our guests which blew everyone’s minds! Anyone who loves magic must see Lewis!"

On the day a lot of their guests commented how amazing he was and how great it was to have him mingling and doing tricks during the reception drinks and canapés.

"He was also a real hit with the children that attended but all the adults loved him too! His charm, cheekiness and laugh are infectious, and I would not hesitate to recommend Lewis to anyone! He is a born entertainer, he was the cherry on top of a wonderful day"


The Dress was by the designer Justin Alexander Signature range called ‘Amelia’.

"It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it's not a typical wedding dress but it was perfect for me. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a ‘plain’ person, this dress really reflected my personality.

I always had my heart set on a dress with sleeves (an aspect of the dress I managed to stick too) and a mermaid fishtail I'm a petite frame, so I didn’t feel that a ballgown style dress would have suited me. I did try a ballgown dress on, but it didn’t feel right"

It was Fate that Hannah found the perfect dress at Prudence Gowns, Plymouth

Hannah found and bought her perfect dress from Prudence Gowns in Plymouth, quite a coincidence that she found her dress there after visiting several other bridal boutiques, it happened to be the same bridal boutique where her mum also bought her wedding dress 27 years ago.

"This made it more special, I felt like it was meant to be. I am a big believer in fate!"

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The accessories were kept very simple because the dress was a real show stopper. Hannah wore pandora earrings that she was given by her parents at Christmas the only jewellery she wore on the day. She also chose a head comb a very pretty hair accessory.

Favourite part of the day

"This is a tricky one because the whole day was just perfect! If I had to break it down to a specific point during the day I have two favourite parts"

The Letter

During the morning getting ready with her bridesmaids, maid of honour and her mum. Alex had given her maid of honour a gift bag to give to Hannah, inside this was a lovely perfume, but also a letter.

"The letter was written by Alex (obviously written to make me cry when I’d just had my makeup done!) but I was taken back by it, the wording and the way he wrote it made me well up with happiness. He had been so thoughtful as to write me a little letter before we say I do.

It was to be read out, first, my maid of honour tried to read it out but started tearing up, my mum then tried to read it but started crying and eventually my makeup artist went to the front of the group and read it out loud.

It was a very emotional and special moment that even now I’m writing this I am tearing up. I will treasure this moment forever and so will my bridal party. It was a beautiful part of the morning and really set the day off and made it become apparent that in a few hours I was going to become Mrs Mortimore"

The speeches

Hannah and Alex both agree that the speeches were amazing. The couple decided on doing the speeches before the wedding breakfast, so the men could get them done and dusted! At eeek! HQ we believe that traditions are only guidelines.

My dad did his speech first which was lovely, the part in his speech about ‘storm Hannah’ went down very well! I think my dad was the most nervous on the day, he played it very cool and calm on the build-up to it!

Alex went next and he really surprised me at how good he is at public speaking, I think he quite enjoyed entertaining the crowd! He acted very confident and well spoken, it was lovely! I’m sure alcohol had a part to play but it was lovely!

I was even surprised that Alex had typed out his speech onto 2 full A4 pages as he’d always told me he’s going ‘off the cuff’ and that he wouldn’t be writing a speech, but from that letter in the morning he had written I secretly knew he’d have something up his sleeve!

Alex’s best man Ross went last, and I was taken back by how much time and effort Ross had put into his speech! He even went to the trouble of getting an easel with huge printed off photos to demonstrate his speech with! His speech had the whole room in fits of laughter, sharing stories nobody else, not even me, had heard about Alex, until it was too late! It was fantastic, it really set a fun and happy vibe going onto the wedding breakfast"


Kate from Kate Fierek Photography enjoyed photographing Hannah and Alex's day so much she wrote a guest blog.

Hannah's flowers were so beautiful and the adult bouncy castle looked like fun! If you would like more information contact Marie at eeek! I would be delighted to hear from you!

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