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Trevenna Zoe and Nathan

Zoe and Nathan planned their wedding out of county and eeek! helped them plan their perfect day. They made a shortlist of the venues they discovered on eeek! and Trevenna jumped out instantly.

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Trevenna Zoe and Nathan

Zoe and Nathan planned their wedding out of county and eeek! helped them plan their perfect day

At eeek! HQ we are so delighted to be a part of all our couples wedding planning journeys! And this wonderful couple knew exactly what they wanted and made a shortlist of the venues they discovered on eeek! and Trevenna jumped out instantly so they made an appointment for a viewing.

“It captured our hearts from the minute we arrived, breathtaking views, warming and welcoming staff, ample and beautiful accommodation and more. It's a venue that has just everything you need to create your own unique story, in fact, it’s not even a venue but place that creates a lifetime of memories not only on your wedding day but before and after too.”

Tom Robinson Photography

At first, Zoe and Nathan found choosing their photographer really overwhelming. They had no idea what to look for, what they wanted, knew nothing about the different styles of photography and the list of great photographers to research seemed endless.

“Everyone’s pictures were beautiful!”

Luckily a friend recommended Tom Robinson, Tom had photographed their wedding.

“We checked him out, noticed he included a photo booth in one of the packages. After scouting around making sure he was what we wanted we went for it and we are so glad we did! Tom is amazing, he fits in with the day as if he is a guest and organises the guests brilliantly and takes brilliant footage of special moments! Nothing is too much trouble and his humour makes you feel at ease and of course, makes you constantly laugh which helps when having your picture taken!”

Laughter, good food, good music

There wasn’t a theme or a vibe but what Zoe and Nathan were passionate about was that the day represented them as a couple and as people, so they chose to have lots of their favourite things. Laughter, good food, good music. And for everyone to have a good time!

“We wanted to keep Trevenna true to its beautiful core and stay with the rustic barn feel, and of course, tie in with autumn too! The colours were plum, navy and gold.

We had lanterns that lit up the stairs and crates to display the table plan. All other decor was fun and quirky stuff like lollipop sticks where guests could write their date ideas on, bubbles as we entered for the wedding breakfast and sparklers in the evening.”

All table decorations were made by family golden pine cones in glass fish bowls with lights

“Perfect for a cosy feel and of course chatting over too!”

Each table had fun trivia games to spark conversation and a little cornish tea bag to say thank you. The favours where happiness kits that their guests could take away. A butterfly arch took pride of place over the sweet table and kids zone adding a bit of colour and also represented those that couldn’t be with them on their day.

A Redcoat Cake

White chocolate with a raspberry sponge with two figures on the top wearing Redcoat’s

“That’s how we met!”

The Dress

As with many brides-to-be wedding, dress shopping was a new experience for Zoe, she started watching many many bridal programmes and knew exactly the type of dress she wanted, it was just finding it!

Not living in Cornwall Zoe had no idea where any of the bridal shops were but again with help from eeek! she was able to shortlist a few and the search began!

“We went to a few wedding fairs where I looked at styles and spoke to a few suppliers and found the dream dress although, I was with Nathan so didn’t let this on!!

Thirteen months before the wedding Zoe found the exact same dress at her second bridal appointment.

Coastal Bridal

“Wow those ladies are amazing!”

Hailey and Edwina knew exactly what Zoe was talking about and what would or wouldn’t suit her.

“They have absolutely the patience of a saint and just want you to feel comfortable, they let me browse and try on as many as I wanted to help make sure it was the right decision but I knew instantly the winner was the wedding fair dress - and I think they did too!”

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A Victoria Kay Dress

The winner was an a-line, petite lace Victoria Kay with a few sparkly gems dotted in the detail.

“Their measurements were on point so I only needed to have the dress taken up!”


Zoe accessorised her dress with an elegant tiara nothing too big, diamond earrings and a bracelet, nothing else was needed as the dress was too pretty just by itself! And of course a blue garter

“I’m actually really sad I only wore the dress for one day hehe!”

Lawrence videography

If I could give anyone some advice it would be to get your day recorded - you won’t remember half of the day and it’s a lovely way to watch back and reminisce. It captured moments you won’t have seen and reminds you of the love for you both on that day.

“They recorded they day beautifully and captured all the moments that you want to cherish like the ceremony, speeches and first dance, so much footage was caught that we didn’t even realise was happening, they are second to none, fitted in like family and worked really well with Tom our photographer to produce some beautiful footage.

We had the DVD back within a matter of weeks and can’t stop watching it. Of course with a tear or two!”

Favourite part of the day

“The whole day was amazing and it’s so hard to pick one thing, just seeing everyone laugh, cry and laugh again and having as much fun as we were was just overwhelming and heartwarming. I think if I had to pick a favourite part the day (which is really hard because the food was outstanding)

I really enjoyed the sparklers in the evening because it included all the day guests and the evening guests too, it was a beautiful touch and something we had never experienced before! Trevenna and Tom organised everyone in a line, lit their sparklers and we walked up, it was beautiful and the pictures were amazing!

Nathan’s favourite part of the day was the first dance, it was the moment where it was all done and all we had left to do was dance and party! Nothing was left to be nervous about and it just brought everyone together on the dance floor.

We danced to Jason Derulo “the other side” acoustic version mixed into Michael Jackson Black and White and this was the moment when everyone joined us!”

Top tips

“Everybody will tell you to enjoy the day because it goes so fast. Take a minute and just go away together a few times in the day and watch your wedding unfold and watch everyone laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Look up from your meal and watch the table banter, watch the guests on the dance floor...and they are right. They are moments you can watch your wedding together.

Don’t get stressed. It was the best advice someone gave me because we really didn’t, you will only want it to be over quicker and will dread the day. Laugh about things that go wrong, if the finer details don’t work out then let it go if something goes wrong on the day someone will be there to be able to fix it.

You are surrounded by people that want your day to be the best it can be - so let it be that and let people help, we saved a fortune by accepting help as gifts and it meant more as it was made with love and personal!

Prioritise your budget - people notice and remember the important things and quirky details - food, drinks, entertainment etc, So don’t waste your money on something that wouldn’t be missed!

You will be nervous and for me, it was the unknown, is everything OK downstairs? Is everyone here? Has everyone got everything they need ( like the rings - which Nathan had to go back for ) but Trevenna team did their best to alleviate everything!

I wish someone had told us how nervous we would be so we could prepare and maybe take some rescue remedy!! But honestly, it will be an amazing day whatever happens. It’s a story to tell and a memory to treasure - always.

Just breathe, eat what you can, find things to laugh at and just cheers to the rest of your lives.”

Before her big day, Zoe wrote a very helpful wedding planning blog jammed full of great tips and you can read it here

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