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Amy and Neil’s Cosy Retreat Wedding

Amy and Niel embraced Endsleigh’s beautiful surroundings in their full Autumnal glory. The spectrum of orange, browns and dark greens gave the couple the perfect forest backdrop.

Amy and Neil’s Cosy Retreat Wedding

their dream was a cosy retreat wedding

The venue really was the most important aspect for Amy and Neil, both are creatures of comfort, their dream was a cosy retreat, somewhere to celebrate with their eight guests in comfort and style. The deeply enchanting hotel venue was the perfect choice.

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Enchanted Brides was always the obvious choice

Amy and Neil chose Enchanted Brides as their wedding photographer. Amy is a makeup artist and has worked with Jo from Enchanted Brides on many weddings and photoshoots across Cornwall and Devon.

"Jo was always the obvious choice, as I’ve worked with her in close proximity for many years now.

Her style is the perfect blend of rich colour, beautiful angles and candid capture. Jo’s photos make your heart burst with love. There really was no one else for the job!"

the colour theme: 'forest' embracing the venues beautiful surroundings

There was not a definitive theme for their day, Amy named the colour theme 'forest' and added gold accents in the details, to incorporate the mid-Autumn mood.

The couple embraced their beautiful surroundings in their full Autumnal glory. The spectrum of orange, browns and dark greens gave the couple the perfect forest backdrop.

Every supplier played such a vital role in Amy and Neil's small wedding, and all made their mark on the day.

Emma of HairbyEmmac created effortlessly beautiful curls and helped Amy with her crown and veil on the morning of the wedding.

"Emma stayed with me right up until the moment I walked the garden path to be married and offered much needed moral support during the jittery moments.

Jen of Twigs and Greens was chosen to create the beautiful bouquets and buttonholes.

"Jen made the most perfect Autumn bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids, who were so excited to take the blooms home with them afterwards!"

a very personal ceremony by The Cornish Celebrants

Amy and Neil wanted a very personal ceremony written especially for them the obvious choice - The Cornish Celebrants!

"The Cornish Celebrants played a huge role in the day, with the most eloquent wedding ceremony, put together just for us. It included lovely quotes and wonderful, gently-spoken wording. Our love and thanks to Nicola for performing it so beautifully"

The dress

Amy will admit that her gown was a bit of a risk! Amy knew she wasn't a white dress sort of Bride, so she searched online for a dress that lit a spark. And she eventually stumbled upon the ‘Mallow’ dress.

"I had to have it!"

So after months of indecision, Amy finally went ahead and ordered it on Etsy.

"Mywony Bridal of Ukraine made the perfect dress for me, which was comprised of stunning floral embroidery and grey tulle. It was everything I could have hoped for."

For her accessories, Amy chose to wear a golden crown from Regal Rose and a veil on the day.

the wonderfully talented Christine Trewinnard Couture

"My veil was also grey to match the dress and was made my a wonderfully talented friend, Christine Trewinnard.

"Christine not only made the bespoke veil but also helped me during a last minute panic with the straps of my dress being just a touch too long. Christine truly is a master of her craft and the only seamstress in Cornwall I would trust with such an important task like the veil!"

For jewellery, Amy wore her mother-in-law’s diamond star, a truly marvellous heirloom from the Art Deco period, along with gold Art Deco dropper earrings.

Favourite part of the day

"As strange as it may sound, my favourite part of the day will always be just after the ceremony, sharing canapés and excitable chatter with our guests on the Parterre as the sun began to slip from the sky.

My husband’s favourite part was seeing me walk over the garden wall step for the first time in all of my finery and onto the Parterre path, to the aisle."

Top tips and advice for other couples embarking on their wedding journey

"Choose your suppliers wisely and once you have, trust in them. They’re all there for you!

Be sure that you make time to run away for 10 minutes during your reception, just you and your new husband or wife, and dance in a quiet little corridor on your own. You’ll feel like there’s just no one else in the world, and you’ll remember it forever."

Do you like the look of this venue? Contact Marie at eeek! for more information.

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