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Lusty Glaze Beach Weddings Charlotte and Dan

Charlotte and Dan got engaged at Lusty Glaze two years ago and for them, there was no other venue they needed to consider!

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Lusty Glaze Beach Weddings Charlotte and Dan

Lusty Glaze, holds so many memories

Charlotte and Dan got engaged at Lusty Glaze two years ago and for them, there was no other venue they needed to consider!

“Not only did it make sense being the place we got engaged but we love visiting every year when we are in Newquay.”

For their day Charlotte and Dan hired the upper deck for the wedding ceremony the stunning beach marquee and for their perfect beach wedding part of the beach directly outside the marquee purely for them and their guests.

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After deciding on the venue they started looking at the photos from previous weddings at Lusty Glaze and…

“We came across Philly and Alan’s (Wide Tide Weddings) own wedding pictures at Lusty Glaze which seemed to capture the vibe we had in mind for our own wedding”

Charlotte made contact with Wide Tide Weddings who supplied her with further examples of their wedding photography which she loved.

“Their work really captured what we had in mind and we booked with confidence that the day would be photographed how we imagined it which it definitely was!

Wide Tide Weddings listened to their special requests, interacted with all the guests and also stepped back into the background to take more natural shots when people weren’t looking which are some of Charlotte’s favourite photos from the day.

“People laughing, crying, hugging without even realising it had been captured on camera. Wide Tide really understood and listened to what we wanted and created photos which are perfect memories for us to look back on”

A Slightly rustic boho beach vibe!

It was really easy for Charlotte and Dan to decide and agree on everything! Both wanted the day to be relaxed and fun slightly rustic boho beach vibe! They wanted their guests to go away feeling like they had been part of something almost like a mini-festival full of friends and family!

Including their children in on the day was important Charlotte’s son of twelve gave her away and her stepdaughter wrote and read a poem which had all their friends and family in tears!

Music by Kaj Music

Music was important and they chose to have the very talented Kaj Music to entertain their guests who they discovered a year after their engagement at Lusty Glaze

“We went back to celebrate and he was performing and we both thought he was great. We loved how he interacted with the people in the bar and restaurant.

On our day Kaj was amazing and had even learnt a few new songs that we wanted, especially for our wedding! He did a great live set and also DJ’d for us in the evening. He got everyone up dancing and having a great time."

Cornwall Caricatures

Cornwall Caricatures sketched the best caricatures of us and our guests
“She was amazing and many guests still have their pictures on their walls at home even now – including us!”

Wedding Flowers by Rachel from Blossom Kelp

“Everyone commented on how beautiful the flowers were – and when I went to check on the room in the morning before the guest arrived I was amazed at how the flowers had transformed the room”

The dress

Getting married on a beach you have to choose a beach-friendly gown so Charlotte had a tick list and this included:

  • Lightweight in case it was hot and so she could move around easily
  • Lacey (not plain) so that any marks, sand, water or wine wouldn’t show up too much and bother her.
  • A slight train but with a bustle - so it didn’t get ruined on the sand and so she could dance in the evening without tripping over.

Charlotte at first called on all her bridesmaids to help her choose her dress.

“We had the best time but I couldn’t find the one, I tried on so many and narrowed it down to two but still couldn’t decide. Nothing felt ‘quite’ right for the venue and vibe we wanted”

Then Charlotte did something that most brides to be wouldn’t agree with or do!

She asked Dan to join her wedding dress shopping!!

“Nobody other than us had been to the venue and every dress I tried just didn’t seem to match what I wanted nor the venue. He said no at first until I begged him!!”

Charlotte tried on the two dresses she had shortlisted and Dan liked them but agreed something wasn’t quite right.

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“After having a bridezilla moment I told him to go and select a few for me to try…

And much to my disappointment, he chose the perfect dress!!! (I hate admitting that!!!)

As soon as I tried it on I knew and when I showed him he said 100% After that I did have some alterations so that it wasn’t quite the same dress”

The wedding feast

Following on from the ceremony and photos the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed delicious canapés on the beach. The canapés included peppered beef carpaccio with horseradish, spicy peppers, smoked salmon, prawn and Chorizo skewers with a selection of ice-cold beers and jugs of Gin cocktails all prepared by Lusty's in-house catering team.

“All of it went down a treat especially the ice-cold beers and jugs of Gin cocktails as it was a hot day!”

A wedding BBQ

Charlotte and Dan wanted to make sure everyone could choose what they fancied on the day and the wedding BBQ gave their guests a great selection so there was something for everyone including the children

“At first I was worried about it being a buffet-style rather than being served a sit down meal, however, it was well organised and really worked well”

On the menu they had handmade beef burgers, sausages, chicken and roast pepper skewers garlic prawns Mediterranean veg and halloumi skewers, sweet potato wedges, red cabbage, green salad peas beans cucumber mint mixed salad and toasted almonds, hummus and pita

Dessert was Cornish ice cream and instead of a wedding cake the couple chose to have a layers cake made from local cheeses which Charlotte loved and it really suited the theme of the wedding

“Plus the cheese went down very well after a few glasses of wine!”

In the evening a Pizza chef cooked fresh Pizzas for a few hours which also went down a storm.

Let’s celebrate and have fun!

Charlotte and Dan wanted everyone to have fun so they included things like Wedding Speech Bingo, colouring packs and activities for the smaller children on at the tables and a list of Wedding Dare cards for the older kids.

”Which they loved!!”

They also brought beach games which got used by the adults as well as children!!

The favours for the adults included Mini bottles of local cider, apple-shaped lip balms and Cornish pastie crisps all wrapped up in a little gift bag.

Although most guests knew each other there were a few tables which were mixed so they also put ‘get to know your table’ cards on each table to break the ice.

Instead of bubbly which neither Charlotte or Dan like they chose bottles of Cornish Rattler as their drink of choice for everyone to toast them with!

“The Cornish Rattler went down really well”

In the evening everyone enjoyed the ‘dressing up box’ an idea they stole from a wedding they went to

“It entertained the children during the evening. However it wasn’t just the children who loved dressing up the adults were using the inflatable microphones, guitars, wigs and more on the dance floor which made some funny photos”

Favourite part of the day
for Charlotte

"I loved getting ready in the chalet on the beach and all the bridesmaids coming to get ready too, I loved that speeches that were very emotional, I loved that all our guests wanted to be there and had made a massive effort travelling from Scotland, Bradford, Leeds, Nottingham, Cheltenham all the way to Newquay for our wedding and that new friendships were made that day which never would have happened."

Favourite part of the day
for Dan

"I think my favourite part was the first dance which was amazing and all our guests joining in and our children loving every minute"

Top tips

“Think about what you and your future partner want and don’t try and please everyone else!
Remember it's your day and yes you want to share it with people you love when it comes down to it its about the two people getting married.

Go with your gut, make decisions you feel are right for you when it comes to the wedding – too much outside input can confuse and stress you!

Try and take every minute in as the day goes sooooo quickly you will want to do it all over again!

Mean everything you say in your vows – for us this couldn’t be truer – as six months later after a diagnosis of breast cancer we were thrown into ‘in sickness and in health’!!! (slighter sooner than we imagined!!!) but this has brought us closer together and really brought meaning into the words and commitment of the Wedding day."

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