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Two Bridges Hotel Katy and Dan

Riding the train to St Ives Katy and Dan discussed their love of The Two Bridges Hotel and decided there and then that if they were to get married that’s where it would be.

Two Bridges Hotel Katy and Dan

Two Bridges is their place, full of memories

"Dan and I fell in love with our venue when we stayed there for Dan's birthday weekend back in May 2017, I booked it as a surprise, having visited many years ago as a child for a wedding it's somewhere I always wanted to return to."

On their first day they did a 6.5-mile walk from Bellever Tor, neither are map readers and they managed to get totally lost! Off the beaten track the snow started to fall and the landscape around them started to change. Although they were lost they were both enchanted by the beautiful sprinkling of snow and ice that lay around them. They crossed streams and climbed endless tors and finally found their way back to the car. Cold and wet they took the short drive to Two Bridges.

"We walked through the double doors of the hotel the fireplaces roared the warm décor and friendly faces of the staff just warmed us up instantly, we retired to our room and sat in a much-welcomed jacuzzi bath to warm our tired cold bones, dare I say even the dog got a dip that night! In the morning we woke to a movie scene everywhere a blanket of pure white snow, it was magical, we got up swiftly, all fed on a beautifully cooked breakfast, even Bonney would get cooked scrambled eggs complimentary every morning. If this wasn’t the place we felt warm and in love then I don’t know where would be.

It wasn’t till the summer that year when riding the train to St Ives they discussed their love of the venue and decided if they were to get married that’s where it would be. Two Bridges was their place, with some of their favourite memories. After a Sunset proposal on an empty Polly Joke beach one late July night they then visited Two Bridges again this time to see if they wanted to get married there.

"We met the lovely Hannah and I think she had the easiest sale of her life, we walked through the doors and that was it, the same smiling faces, the warm glow, low beamy ceiling and those chesterfields, we were home! Dan had to stop me from telling her we would take it there and then. As we toured the grounds and the beautiful rooms of the hotel our smiles just grew more and more! At the end of the tour we told Hannah “WE WILL TAKE IT”! We knew we wanted a Christmas/Winter wedding after our cold experience at the beginning of the year we knew it wouldn’t matter if it rained if anything it would just add to the atmosphere and the warmth of the hotel would just add to the magic, so that was it BOOKED! The staff, the setting, the food and the beautiful rooms there isn’t much more I can say. It is all perfect and we can't wait to return."

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Olivia Wr Fine Art Photography

"I chose Olivia before I met Dan! Haha, it is true!"

Katy's friend Sarah was showing her the work of her talented niece Olivia, and Katy loved her work, Olivia's photos were moody, dramatic and crisp she knew then that’s what she wanted for her wedding she just needed to find someone!

"I messaged Olivia straight away when the wedding planning began! Her and Tobias are just the loveliest people and when we first met them at our venue we just got on straight away. Having the two photographers meant we got some lovely pictures of the men getting ready and guests arriving as well as Olivia's wonderful photos of me and my bridal party as well, capturing all the natural moments, nothing too staged just as I had asked for. They both blended into the day and captured so many magical moments as the day does just disappear I remember trying to hold on to every second but they just slipped away so quickly. Having the photo's helps to bring it all back and I would recommend them both to anyone for any occasion."


"Classic sparkle, timely elegance and fun warmth that was it everything else was just us and what we loved"

Most importantly their day had to be fun, relaxed and a day to remember for all the right reasons

"I decided that you need a select few ingredients for a great party… Great Venue, Great Food, Plenty of Booze, Great Music and finally most importantly Great Company. We really thought hard about who we wanted to invite to our special day and whilst we couldn’t fit in everyone we wanted to we decided we weren’t going to lose sleep over the people that didn’t want to travel all the way to Dartmoor, or couldn’t stay at the venue so weren’t coming, or well if you're inviting them I won't go types…. It's OUR day we will only get this once so like it or LUMP it! I know it isn’t something everyone feels like they can do but it was our dream so why change it for anyone, we knew those that cared enough would make the effort, just as we would for them."

Colour Scheme warm reds, whites and browns all complimenting the venue, the groom and groomsmen chose to wear grey suits from Moss Bros. For the reception, Katy and Dan chose grey, navy, green and tan for their main backdrop and a little classic SPARKLE thrown in for good measure.

"Two Bridges Fountain Room and Dartmoor were just the perfect back-drop for our big day, we wanted to bring the woodland and Christmas to our tables so with the help from the fabulous Anna from Annas Flower Barn we came up with log slices and a foliage decoration for the tables decorated with candles and white roses this was replicated on our top table. Hannah asked me would we like a Christmas tree set up in the reception room the answer was YES of course! Subtle Christmas decorations of wreaths and twinkly lights adorned the venue topped off my roaring fires we feel like we managed to replicate the original feeling we got when we first stepped through the doors on that cold March day.

The evening party was very important both wanted great music and dancing and was one of the many highlights from my day. Bespoke Disco in Paignton helped Katy and Dan pick their set up they chose a light-up dance floor, letter-lights and up lighters which really set the party scene.

"The songs we choose also were part of our day, I walked down the aisle to a cover version of Christina Perris Thousand Years, but to walk back up the aisle I wanted something that said the party has begun so we went with Mr Blue Sky ELO, this was a nod to our shared love of Marvel (something Dan got me into) but also upbeat and fun"

Getting married out of county did raise some issues when choosing suppliers Two Bridges also recommend local suppliers.

"We were blessed with some amazing suppliers and people that helped on our day"

Neveah Beauty Studio

"Merryn did a wonderful job on my eyelashes and nails before the big day, whilst I had never had extensions before I knew I wanted the drama! I wasn’t the easiest of customers but she did a fabulous job and they lasted for ages after." 

Elvie Hair

"Lisa is a class professional from start to finish, I didn’t want my bridal party to look the same so everyone was able to choose there own hairstyle, after sending images to her she was able to recreate everyone’s wishes with ease and was priceless when it came to helping me get ready! She was an anchor and a must for all bridal parties!"

BabyKake MakeUp

"Lucy is an artist without a doubt, creating looks able to stand the test of time lasting the whole day whilst being photo-ready at all times, her make up was floorless even after a night of partying! Able to do a large bridal party each look looked like it was her first fresh face!"

Scalet Paperie Design

"The Lovely Kati designed all of our stationery from invites to the table plan, we had many local meet-ups at the wine bar to plan what paper types we liked and fonts and style. She came up with the fabulous plan for wine bottles on a rustic ladder for our table plan which was really cost-effective and effective! Kati is a truly wonderful person and someone I would now consider a friend and have remained in touch with her."

Bespoke Disco, Paignton

"These guys were fantastic and sooo accommodating! My biggest fear was a push-button DJ, but no not these guys after a few face to face meetings they came up with a cracking playlist of music that we loved. It's not often that the DJ is spoken about with such praise after a wedding, all my guests said how great they were and talked about them for ages after! If I ever need a DJ again it will be these fellas without a doubt."

Annas Flower Barn

"The wonderful Anna! She was a delight to work with she wasn't local to us but for a small fee was prepared to travel and deliver our flowers to two venues and set up! She was soo easy to talk to and made us feel at home straight away. When I found out I was pregnant she was accommodating and happy to see us whenever we could to make sure all was in place before the big day! She organised everything and took all the stress away."

The Distinguished Toastmaster

"Steve from the start of our day to the end was a rock, a gentleman and a fundamental part of the day. He was Dan's pillar organiseing all of our guests as they arrived and kept the day flowing, he became part of our day seamlessly. Steve made our day happen and we owe him so many heartfelt thank you's"

The Cake!

The cake was made by the bride! Whoa!! Katy at eeek! we are so impressed you could make this a sideline...#justsayin'

"My wedding car was actually my God Fathers 4x4 – my godparents played a huge part of me falling in love with Dartmoor from a young age and my uncle did me the honour of driving me and my dad his best friend across the moor form the Bedford Hotel Tavistock to Two bridges"


Katy attended a Sophia Tolli sale at The Bridal House Of Cornwall, along with her bridal party, Katy picked out a selection of dresses her maid of honour picked out one and her godmother and mum picked out a couple more.

"In my head, I knew what I wanted however when it came to trying the style I thought I wanted it wasn’t actually what I wanted at all. We whittled it down to two, but there was one that I wanted to live in even do the dishes in if you let me! She was the one she gave me the feeling!! We all cried especially, my mum! It was the one my best friend had chosen which made it a little more special, but it was the total opposite of what I thought I wanted it wasn’t fitted and slinky at all it was massive and the train was huge like a waterfall the detailing was beautiful and it wasn’t was pewter! The service at The Bridal House Of Cornwall was amazing the girls were so helpful."

The surprise

Roll on to February 2019 and Katy found out that she was pregnant with her first child.

"I rang The Bridal House of Cornwall in floods of tears, it was a massive surprise as we were told we would be able to have children naturally, worried I wouldn’t fit into my dream dress and the lovely ladies there put me at ease and told me it would all be ok even that the dress I had chosen would be the best dress to support my post-baby dress in all the right ways. When I was 16 weeks pregnant and I needed to pick some accessories it was wonderful to feel like a bride again and not just a pregnant lady.

Jacob was born 7 weeks before the big day! I remember 1 month after giving birth I tried on my dress for the first fitted like a glove and I cried I had had so many fears worries and concerns but they all melted away. My big day was going to be ok and I would have my miracle son with me our ray of sunshine in what was a dark year for us as Dan's dad had passed away after a short battle with cancer."

Favourite part

"My favourite part was our photos just us as a couple, it was the first time for the whole day we finally got to be alone kind of.. lol, the time I got to feel like a princess in my beautiful dress my dream day had all come together and here we were creating the moments we would look back on. A very close second was our amazing disco from our first dance, Goo Goo Dolls, Iris to the last song Fairy-tale in New York where everyone still standing all linked hands and we just danced in a big circle even those that had resisted the floor until that time.

Dan's Favourite part

"When he first saw me coming down the aisle, he just about managed to hold his tears back! The whole day was perfect and there wasn’t anything that he didn’t like or would have changed!"


DON’T PANIC, you will want to and yes this is one of the biggest days of your life however all plans can hit hurdles but it doesn’t mean you can not overcome them. Unfortunately Dan's Dad, Aidy passed away the beginning of the year we were due to get married it was obviously a heart-wrenching time for everyone however we came together and made sure we celebrated his life at our wedding in a way that we felt was appropriate. The day after our wedding we took Danielle's bouquet and a note we had written to Sheeps tor (very near to our venue and a very special place for the family) and left it there for him.

Jacob arrived early so we made plenty of plans and organised close family members to look after him during the day and evening. We had the wonderful day we had dreamed of made extra special by the presence of Jacob."

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